Fernando LA GRECA Curriculum

Fernando La Greca (Pollica - SA - 1955) is Researcher in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Salerno, for the sector L-ANT/03 (Roman History), from January, 1, 2004.

He took a degree with full marks cum laude in Classical Studies (Faculty of Letters) at the University of Salerno in 1979, with a thesis of Roman History. In the same University he achieved a second degree cum laude in Pedagogy in 1996, with a thesis of General Psychology.

From 1980 to 1983 he has been substitute teacher, for literary and classical subjects, at various secondary schools of the provinces of Salerno and Potenza.

From 1984 he worked in the roles of academic technical staff at the University of Basilicata (Faculty of Engineering, Institute of History and Human Sciences) and University of Salerno (Institute of Pedagogy, Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Classical Sciences), up to December 2003; from 1989 with the status of Technical Adviser.

As Technical Adviser, he worked constantly in teaching and in scientific research, collaborating with the teachers through seminars, exercises and assistance to the students; performing updating-courses for the personnel of the secondary schools; dealing with computer applications to the human sciences and making software for the textual analysis; taking care of the scientific editing of publications, also with documentary and bibliographical searches; joining conferences and congresses with articles.

In the competitive entry test for school post with tenure of year 2000 he got teaching qualifications in Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy and History, Italian and Latin Literature.

From 1990 to 2000 he was, with prof. Michele Cesaro, member of the editorial staff of Journal "Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Educazione", of Salerno University, collaborating with articles on historical and educational matters.

He was, from the foundation (1989), on the editorial staff of Journal "Annali Cilentani", now "Annali Storici di Principato Citra", collaborating with articles and research of ancient history.

At the "Scuola Interuniversitaria Campana di Specializzazione all'Insegnamento" (SICSI) he hold lectures for courses of Ancient History and Didactic of Ancient and Medieval History.

In the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Salerno University, as Researcher for the sector L-ANT/03 (Roman History), from the 1-1-2004, he has carried annually activity of orientation and tutoring, lectures, exercises and seminars.

He is member of examining board of Roman History, Byzantine History, Topography of ancient Italy; he is member of teachers board of doctorate in Classical Philology.

He taught courses in Roman History, Roman Civilization and in Roman Antiquity; actually he teaches a course in Roman Antiquity for the Magistral Degree in Philology, Literatures and History of the Antiquity.