Clelia DE FELICE Curriculum

Clelia De Felice graduated in Mathematics in 1982 at the University of Naples, From 1983 to 1986 she held a graduate fellowship at the Laboratoire d'Informatique Theorique et Programmation (LITP) of the University of Paris VI and VII. In 1984 she obtained her "Doctorat de 3eme cycle" (Specialitè en Informatique) at the University of Paris VII. In 1988 she obtained a PhD in Applied

Mathematics and Computer Science.

From 1989 to 1999 she was Associate Professor of Computer Science at the "Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche Fisiche e Naturali" of the University of Salerno. From 2000 to September 2020 she was Professor of Computer Science at the University of Salerno. Currently she is Professor of Algebra at the University of Salerno. From November 2001 to October 2007 she was head of her Department at the University of Salerno ("Dipartimento di Informatica e Applicazioni R. M. Capocelli").

Since 1998 she has been the local scientific coordinator for the Salerno research unit in several research projects of national interest (PRIN). Since 2001 she has been the scientific coordinator in several local research projects.

She has served on the scientific program committee of a number of national and international conferences and she has been Program Co-chair of two international conferences.

Clelia De Felice has collaborated on several scientific projects with foreign Universities (Belgium and France) and she has been involved in the research program "AutoMathA - Automata from Mathematics to Application" (2005-2010), which was accepted by the European Science Foundation.

Her main research interests concern the theory of variable-length codes, combinatorics on words and molecular computational models. She is the author of a number of papers published in international journals and conference proceedings on these topics.