Andrei CHICHKINE Curriculum

Professor of Slavistics, Salerno University, Head of V. Ivanov Research Center in Rome, via E. Rosa, 8 00153 Roma, member of the Memory of the World Programm UNESCO

1973: MA in Russian Literature - Department of Russian Language and Literature, University of Leningrad.
1974-1983: Researcher in Russian Literature - Institute for Russian Literature, Academy of Sciences ("Puskinskij Dom"). Member of the study-group on Russian 18th Century Culture ("Slovar Russkich pisatelej")
1985-1998: Language assistant - Faculty of Literature, University of Salerno.
1986: Executive secretary of the association for the study and the research "Convivium" in Rome.
1987: Curator of "V. Ivanov's Archives" in Rome.
1998: Associated professor - Faculty of modern languages and literatures, University of Salerno.
Seminars on Russian Literature 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were held in the universities of Florence, Pavia, Urbino, Brown, New York State University, St.Petersburg and Wien.

– Scholarly publications, conferences, and seminars on the Italian-Russian cultural relations and on Russian “Silver age” (see the most recent one at

– Maintenance and preservation of V. Ivanov archives in Ivanov Research Center in Rome;

preparation of comprehensive complete edition of V. Ivanov’ heritage

– Creation of V. Ivanov digital archive on-line (, now about 26 000 documents

– in 2012-2013 was a coordinator and organizer of the project “European Cultural Foundations and Russian Contribution to the Models of Cultural Revival”, supported by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation

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