Marisa DI MATTEO Curriculum

The Professor Marisa Di Matteo, graduated in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Naples on 21 March 1973, then she was nominated assistant professor in January 1982 about Faculty of Agricolture, University of Naples.In May 1988 was nominated associate professor of grouping n° 265 at the Faculty of Agricolture, University of Basilicata.Professor Di Matteo since on 1st November 1992, has been full professor at the Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno.The professor Di Matteo at the University of Salerno followed. Since 1997/98 has been the member of the PhD committee in Food Biotechnologies (administrative address : University of Reggio Calabria) and so is the responsible of numerous PhD Theses.
Since 1999/2000 the professor Di Matteo has been the head of the one-year master in “Control, Assurance and Management of the Quality in the Agricultural and Food Industries” at the University of Salerno.In May 2000 she was attributed an award for the activity of applied research, carried out in favour of the agricultural and food- sector in Salerno province.The professor Di Matteo is a member of the technical-scientific Committee of the Stations Experiences of Food Preserves, member of the Committee of certification of IS.ME.CE RT., member of the technical-scientific and is inserted in the list of the Experts of MIUR, field of Food Sciences and Technologies. Her scientific activity, attested by numerous publications in national and international scientific reviews, international patents and monographs, is directed to:the innovation and optimization of the processes of the Agricultural and Food- Industry,the extension of shelf-life of plants, fruits and vegetables and meat products,the monitoring of the main parameters of process through online sensors