Security, Semantics and Social Networks



AULETTA VincenzoResponsabile Scientifico
VISCONTI IvanCollaboratore
SENATORE SabrinaCollaboratore
DE MAIO CARMENCollaboratore


The focus of the S^3 (Security, Semantics and Social Networks) is on the analysis of theoretical and practical aspects about the extraction, the diffusion and the processing of knowledge and information. In particular, in the lab will be conducted Computer Science research about:

  • the design of efficient algorithms for information processing,
  • the analysis of dynamics of information diffusion,
  • the development of tools for information security,
  • the definition of methods for extracting information from non-structured material or from timed flows.

The set of competencies of the members of the lab is vast: it includes theory of computation, theory of information, cryptography, computational intelligence, semantics, graph theory and game theory.


The activities that will be run in this lab have large practical impact, as for example:

  • design of advertising and marketing algorithms
  • analysis of social networks, as Facebook or Twitter
  • security and application of the Blockchain Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data analysis


In the lab, there will take place also thesis and post-degree activities for undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, and for PhD students. Most of these activities are involved in the international research projects in which lab members are involved.


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