Giuseppe FESTA Curriculum

Associate Professor (Qualified as Full Professor) of “Management” at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the UNISA - University of Salerno (Italy), where he teaches “Business management”, “International marketing for SMEs” (in English), and "Wine Business". He also taught in other Universities (“Business management”, Department of Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of Basilicata; “Business organization”, School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Naples “Federico II”; “Corporate Finance”, School of Economics, University of Molise). He is Member of the Teaching Committee of the following courses: "Management of healthcare organizations - DAOSAN” (Master course, UNISA), “Wine Business” (Postgraduate course, UNISA), “Management and organization of pharmaceutical services" (Postgraduate course, UNISA).

PhD in “Economics and Management of Public Organizations”, Director and Chairman of the Scientific Committe of the Postgraduate course in “Wine Business”, Member of the Scientific Committe of the Postgraduate course in “Wine Business” (University of Teramo), Chairman of the “Wine Business” Research Interest Committee (Euromed), Member of the Scientific Committee of “Recevin” (European Network of Wine Cities), and Member of the Editorial Board and Editorial Reviewers Board for national and international journals.

Author of more than 150 scientific works (27 of which are published on "Classe A" journals), considering monographs, book chapters, articles on journals (national and international), and papers at conferences (national and international). His main research topics focus on governance and management of enterprise information systems, managerial problems of healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, Corporate Venture Capital, and marketing and communication in wine markets.