Maria Chiara MONTI Curriculum

Dr. Maria Chiara Monti awarded the degree in chemistry by the University of Naples “Federico II” with final marks of 110/110 cum laude on 30th october 2000. She worked in the International Mass Spectrometry Facilities Centre of CNR and the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry, University of Naples “Federico II”, under the supervision of Prof. G. Marino and P. Pucci for one year. She moved to Salerno University in 2001 as a PhD student at the Department of Pharmacy, under the supervision of Prof. R. Riccio and Prof. L. Gomez-Paloma. Her Ph.D. thesis was aimed at the study of the molecular basis of Phospholipase A2 inhibition by marine bioactive terpenoids. In March ’05, she obtained a one year Marie Curiè fellowship to carry out her research at the Bijovet Centre of Utrecht University working on the interaction between protein and ligands by mass spectrometry under the supervision of Prof. A.Heck.

Actually, she works at the Department of Pharmacy of Salerno University as researcher in Organic Chemistry.