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Robust model-based clustering using an improper constant density selected by a distance optimization for non-outliers.
In: JSM Proceedings, IMS General Theory Section ALEXANDRIA VA: American Statistical Association Vol.1, Pag.3847-3858
American Statistical Association, JSM09
Wanshington, DC, USA 1-6 Agosto 2009
Coretto, Pietro; Hennig, C.
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Contributo in Atti di convegno
Group Structured Volatility.
In: Book of Short Papers CLADAG09 Catania Padova CLEUP Pag.119-122
CLADAG 2009 Seventh Scientific Meeting of the CLAssification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical SocietyCladag
Università di Catania (Italy) September 9-11, 2009
Coretto, Pietro; La Rocca, Michele ; Storti, Giuseppe
Codice identificativo ISI: WOS:000395610200037
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