Associate Professor Special Pedagogy and Didactics at the University of Salerno (Italy) - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery .
He graduated from the State University "Sophia Antipolis" in Nice in 1995 earning the "Maitrise." The same year, in a leadership position as the winner of the competition, with use at the Studies of Naples, in order to pursue his studies on "Organisation of the school system and extraschool French" is a period of study at the Academy of Nice (France) and is given a scholarship and research through which analyzes the French educational system for the treatment of school disabilities. In 1996, the Britisch Council gives a grant for a period of study at the University of Hull (England) on "Organization of the English school system and extraschool" lets you know the Anglo-Saxon system for the treatment of learning disabilities. The same year the Institute for research and educational activities, university college recognized by the MIUR assigned him a scholarship to the realization of research on "The interaction between human intelligence in a laboratory course in motor character." In 2008 he was trained by a team led by Professor Mike Hughes of the University of Cardiff (England) in the possible application of the methodology, "Performance Analysis" in education with particular reference to disability. The lines of research have consistently shown a possible role of the teaching body and the body, deepening the relationship between movement and learning mechanisms in the presence of some form of disability. The research has consistently oriented educational activities in academia, constantly adopting the methodology of the "motor workshop" as a possible supplementary learning environment and / or integrative. Formerly a lecturer at the course on "Primary Education Science of the University" Suor Orsola Benincasa "in Naples, at the SICSI (Inter-University School of Postgraduate Teaching Bell) and the University of Naples Parthenope, SSIS at the University Suor Orsola Benincasa who is coordinator of supervision of the placement of additional teaching support in the course of 400 and 800 hours, at the University of L'Aquila, the University of Salerno and the Salerno SSIS with which he was coordinator of supervision of the placement of additional teaching support in the course of 400 and 800 hours.