Annibale ELIA Curriculum

Highest relevant educational qualification:
PhD in Computational Linguistics University of Paris 7 1979

Date started Information and Communication Technologies career: 1976
Academia Aeuropea member. Who's Who in the World biographee. Computational linguistics, automatic translation and communicaction sciences are the most important fields of his scientific and industrial activity.
After 10 years of research with Maurice Gross at the University of Paris 7, he implemented a lexicon grammar based parser of the italian language which consists of formalized dictionaries and local grammars (over 100.000 simple words and over 200.000 compound words, phrases and idioms).
Whitin this theoretical framework he founded for companies (Lexicon SpA, Thamus Consortium, Lexicon Ricerche Consortium and Mediatown Consortium) to construct industrial components for automatic translation and information retrieval.
At the University of Salerno he founded the Communication Sciences Departement, which concern the high-tec multimedia system, computational linguistics and corporate communication. In this Departement there are the PhD degree.