Beatrice PATERNOSTER Curriculum

Beatrice Paternoster was born in Naples, Italy, in 1958 where she tooks her degree in Mathematics, cum laude, in 1980, at University of Naples. She was first grant-holder at Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica `F.Severi' in Rome; then analist-programmer at the software house SOGEI in RomeIn 1985 she began to work at Servizio Elaborazione Dati of University of Salerno, as technician and analyst-programmer. Since 1986 she was researcher in Numerical Analysis, then in 2001 she became Associate Professor, and from 2006 she is Full Professor. She operates as teacher in undergraduate courses of Numerical Computation, Approximations Methods, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Methods for Computer Graphics for undergraduated students in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics and Chemistry. In her research she has been involved in the analysis and derivation of new and efficient numerical methods for Functional Equations, in particular Differential and Integral Equations. She  is also involved in parallel computation, with concerns to the development of mathematical software for evolutionary problems. Recently she’s working on numerical methods on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).


She is referee of papers published on international journals, Editor of the scientific journal  “Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society” and Specialist Editor (Mathematics and Numerical Methods) of the scientific journal Computer Physics Communications.  She is tutor of Ph’d students in Mathematics.


At University of Salerno she acts as Manager of Laboratories for the teaching activities of undergraduated students in Mathematics. She has also been Manager of is the process of self-evaluation of the teaching activities of the Course in Mathematics, and President of Didactics in MAthematics at University of Salerno from December 2008 till March 2013.