Mario SALERNO Curriculum

Mario Salerno is Full Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Salerno, Italy. He has been working in many Universities and international Research Centers these including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, the University of Arizona, USA, the Technical University of Denmark. He has worked on the following areas: nonlinear phenomena in Josephson junctions, classical and quantum integrable systems, ergodic properties of dynamical systems, solitons, shock waves, localization problems in discrete systems, dynamical properties of DNA molecules, strongly correlated systems, Bose-Einstein condensates. Among the most significant results, there are the introduction of a nonlinear equation which is a generalization of the tight binding Schroedinger model for the dynamics of a quasi particle in a molecular crystal and which has become known as Salerno Equation (see "Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science", ed. A.C. Scott, 2005); the development of the theory of the linewidth of a Josephson oscillator; the development of the theory of phase locking of fluxons in long Josephson junctions; the introduction of group theoretical methods for exact diagonalizations of strongly correlated electronic systems. Moreover, he introduced the idea of chaos suppression in long Josephson junctions by weak external periodic signals, and he introduced the first nonlinear model of DNA which attempts to relate the dynamics to the functioning of the molecule. He is author of about 200 publications on international journals. He has coordinated international projects and has participated as invited speaker to many international conferences, several times as organizer or as member of the Scientific Committee.