Ugo VACCARO Curriculum

  • Personal Data:

Date of Birth: November 23, 1958

Personal home page:

  • Studies:

December 1981 Laurea Degree (cum laude) in Computer Science, Università di Salerno.

  • Academic Positions:

since 1994: Full Professor of Computer Science

from 1987 to 1994: Associate Professor

from 1984 to 1987: University Researcher

  • Recent Professional Activities:

Member of the Editorial Board of ISRN Discrete Mathematics.

Member of the Advisor Board of "Edizioni Zikkurat".

Vice-President (and President of the Scientific Committee) of the National Association of Italian Researchers in Computer Science -GRIN (2006 -)

National Coordinator of the Research Project PRIN-MIUR: Resource Allocation in Computer Networks (1999-2001)

External Associated member of theResearch Chair: CALDI, Universite du Quebec at Hull, Canada

Vice-President of the Italian Chapter of the European Association for Theorerical Computer Science (1997-2000)

Chairman of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Salerno (1996-1999)

Member of the Programme Committe of more than 40 international conferences

  • Research Interests:

I have done research in several areas: In particular, I have been working on Coding Theory, Data Security, Parallel and Distributed Computation, and applications of Information--Theoretical methods to problems of Extremal Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science. I am now especially interested in Computational Complexity Issues in Information Theory, Algorithmic Issues in Social Networks, and Combinatorics.

Since 1984, Professor Vaccaro has been teaching a variety of courses, both at the undergraduate and the graduate level, in the areas of Information Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Combinatorics, Computational Complexity, Communication Networks