Antonio VITOLO Curriculum

Antonio Vitolo, professor of Mathematical Analysis, has got his Master Degree in Physics at University of Salerno.

  • President of the Degree Course Council of Mathematics.
  • UMI - SIMAI - EMS and GNAMPA member.
  • His current research interests mainly concern, but are not limited to, fully nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations, maximum and Phragmèn-Lindelöf principles, solutions and oscillation estimates, boundary blow-up, removable singularities, degenerate operators, viscosity methods.
  • His scientific activity is performed in the framework of national projects (PRIN), as a member of the research unit of Sapienza Università di Roma, of local projects (FARB), which he is PI of, and international relationships expecially with mathematicians from USA, Japan, France and Spain.
  • Other research topics over the time: elliptic equations in unbounded domains and in weighted Sobolev spaces, inverse problems in elasticity, homogenization in variational calculus, sieve methods and remainder estimates in arithmetic progressions in analytic number theory.
  • His scientific production includes publications as research papers on national and international journals, proceedings, articles in books and university textbooks.
  • Reviewer for national and international journals and for Mathematical Reviews.
  • Member of Editorial Board the Scientific Series at University of Salerno. He is editor of the volume 'Percorsi incrociati', in memory of Vittorio Cafagna.
  • Invited speaker at national and international conferences.
  • Member of organizing committees for national and international workshops and meetings.
  • His teaching activity normally consists of a course of Mathematical Analysis for students of the Master Degree in Mathematics and a basic course of Mathematics for students of an Environmental Degree.
  • He has also taught courses of Geometry and Mathemtical Methods of Engineering for undergraduate students and Elliptic Equations for PHD students.
  • Advisor of degree and PhD thesis in Mathematics.
  • Member of the Committee for PhD Programme in Mathematics and of the Scientific Committee for PhD Programme in Mathematical, Physical, Computer and Biological Sciences.
  • Tutor in Erasmus agreements and Department representative for the Programme 'Knowledge Messengers'.