Pierpaolo SINGER Curriculum


Pierpaolo Singer, was born in Rome, on 1961. Graduated in Economics at LuissUniversity with 110/110. From October 1985, Lecturer in the Department of Industrial and Commercial Technique of RomeUniversity “La Sapienza”. In June 1992 became Researcher in the Department of Business Studies and Research at University of Salerno. During the year 1994 he taught at University of Latina. During the year 1995 he taught Corporate Finance and Production at Latina and SalernoUniversities. From 1996 till 2000 he taught Financial Analysis at University of Salerno and Production in University of Latina . In 1999 became Associate Professor at CassinoUniversity where he taught Corporate Finance and Management. In 2002 became Full Professor at SalernoUniversity where he teaches Advanced Corporate Finance and General Management. From 2005 he also teaches General Management at RomeUniversity “La Sapienza”. He has published in academic and professional books, journals and conference proceedings.