Gianfranco RIZZO Curriculum

Born in Naples, 1952. Received in 1975 a laurea degree cum laude in Mechanical Engineering at University of Naples. He worked at FIAT in Turin, at Research National Council of Italy, at University of Naples and at University of Salerno (since 1992), where he is Full Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Council (2011-). Vice-President of SAE Naples Group (2001-2005), Chair of the IFAC TC 'Automotive Control' (2008-). Associate Editor of Control Engineering Practice. Congress Associate Editor of World Congress IFAC2011. Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Powertrains.
Member of Advisory Board of International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering (IJEOE). Member of International Advisory Board of Combustion Engine Research Center (CERC), Chalmers University of Technology (Goteborg) (2011, 2012).
Author of about 150 papers on: Modeling and Control of Automotive Engines, Hybrid and Solar Vehicles, Modeling and Optimization of Conventional and Hybrid Power Plants, Renewable Energy, Cogeneration, Turbomachines, Optimal Management of Bio-Economic Systems.

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Hobbies: accordeonist and responsible of Associazione Musicateneo (
Given concerts with musical groups of the University of Salerno. LP/CD: Teatrogruppo di Salerno - Musica popolare del Salernitano, Take the U Train, Next Station, Paesaggi Diversi, Medieval Zone (with Jenny Sorrenti).
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