Enrico SICIGNANO Curriculum

Graduated at the University of Naples, Italy  with full marks and honors with a thesis in  Architectural Design.

Presently  Full Professor of Architettura Tecnica (Building Technology) at the University of Salerno, Italy.

His research has focused on the complex interrelationships between the site, buildings systems as well as construction and architectural materials and architectural styles.

He has been invited as Visiting Professor  and Lecturer in the framework of cultural and institutional agreements and exchanges between the USA and Italy:
 Northeastern University ( Boston  1998),MIT (Cambridge 2004),University of Oregon(2003),Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (2009-2010)

Visiting Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona – Terrasa, Spain 2002.
His repeated study trips as well as long study and research sojourns in European capitals and the United States (New York, Boston, Chicago) have played a fundamental role in his education/training and in his knowledge of past, modern and contemporary architecture.

He is author of several  publications and currently writes essays and articles for Italian and international architectural magazines.

He practices architecture and participates in international architectural design competitions and has won several awards.

In 2006 he obtained a master degree  in Architecture and Art for Liturgy, at the Vatican, Rome

Member of the Society of Architectural Historian, Chicago