Flora DE GIOVANNI Curriculum


Flora de Giovanni is associate professor of English literature at the University of Salerno. She is a member of the teaching body of the doctorate “Studi letterari e linguistici”. She has previously taught English language at the faculty of Economics (University of Salerno) and translated a series of books. She has organized international conferences (“Incontrare I mostri”, 2001; “Scritture dell’Immagine, 2005; “Time and the short story”, 2010; "Democratic Highbrow. Bloomsbury between Elite and Mass Culture", 2014), a workshop on the teaching of literature and language ("Strumenti: imparare ad imparare. Imparare ad insegnare",2006-07), and has taken part in a number of international conferences. She is on the editorial board of the department journal, “Testi e Linguaggi”. She has published widely on translation theory, Shakespeare’s histories, autobiography, the formal features of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries dystopias. Her main research field is Modernism: she has worked on characterization in the modernist novel, publishing on Forster, Woolf and Wyndham Lewis, the short story, and especially on the relationship between painting and literature in the works of Wyndham Lewis and Virginia Woolf, whose essays on visual arts she translated in 2002. Her recent interests include  disability studies, the history of medicine, and popular entertainment, especially in the Victorian Novel.