Francesco AMORETTI Curriculum

Francesco Amoretti

Professor of Political Science and Communication and of E-democracy and E-Government Policies at the University of Salerno Graduate Degree Course in Communication Science.

Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences


Born:                                    12.12.1958

Place of birth                    Naples (Italy)




1982      Degree in Sociology, University of Naples

1990      Phd in Political Science, University of Florence


Institutional Positions

2006-   Member of Italian National University Council  (CUN)

2006- Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Political Science Association


Membership and Editorial activity

1999-  Member of the Directive Committee of the Political Communication Review

2001- Referee for PRIN and FIRB projects

2008 - Referee for Information, Communication and Society Review


2010- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Scriptaweb, Ebooks Series "Communication and Political Participation".

2012- Member of the Public Policy Scholars Community


Foreign study residences


1985 (August-September) Student's Grant at the Institut fur hohere Studien "Hans Kelsen" in Vienna

1992      (Settembre)  University of Cambridge, GB


Scientific and Teaching Activities


1991- In the capacity of collaborator of prof. Mauro Calise, has carried out convention and teaching activities relative to:

1) analysis of general concepts of the discipline - Political Science -; 2) presentation of the main research channels of political communication.

March-June 2000 Lecturer of Political and Institutional Communication at the Specialization and professional refresher course in "Public Communication" organized by the Department of Communication Science of the University of Salerno

1991- Is part of the Study group created in the sphere of the research on "Political Communication and Government institutions: for a data bank of the main empirical indicators" directed by prof. Mauro Calise.

1997 Participates in the CNR research on "The new profiles of institutional communication" directed by prof. Mauro Calise

1997 - Participates in the transnational research, "Information society. Telework and local development"

2000-2002 Local coordinator of the study group in the sphere of the research on "Hyperpolitics: A Platform for on-line hypertextual elaboration of politological concepts national" coordinator prof. Mauro Calise (MURST)

2001-2003 Partecipates in the national research on "E-Government: visions, plans, implementation" coordinator prof. Mauro Calise

2000- Temporary Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Naples (Faculty of Sociology)

Agosto 2000 Quebec - Partecipates in the XVIII Congress of IPSA, special session SS09 "Judicial Pre-view: Due Process of Law in the Media Age". Paper: Media and Justice. The New Actors of the Post-Electoral Politics

Settember 2001 Napoli - Partecipates in the SISP National Congress, panel on "The Political Comunication ", convenors Giorgio Fedel. Paper: The Political Communication in the post-elettoral democracies

November 2001 Perugia - Partecipates in the Congress on "The New scenari of the Political Communication". Paper: The Political Cultures ofe the Electoral marketing. The Forza Italia experience

July 2002 Barcellona - Partecipates in the Internazional Congress of the AMCR/AIECS/AIERI Intercultural Communication - Section: Political Communication, director: David Paletz. Paper: Befor and After. Campaigning and Governing: Silvio Berlusconi in Comparative Perspective

September 2002 Bordeaux - Partecipates in the "First Pan-European Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union". Paper: The e-government: A New Frontier of the constitutionalization processes?

July 2003 Durban, South Africa - Partecipates in the XIX Congress of IPSA. Paper: E-Government and Regime Change.

2004-2006 - Local coordinator of the study group in the sphere of the research on "The Electronic Citizenship: analytical categories, structured communication methodologies and empirical indicators of e-democracy", coordinator prof. Mauro Calise (MURST)

May 2004 Barcellona - Partecipates in the Dialogue 'Communication and Cultural Diversity', Universal Forum of Cultures. Paper: Towards  What Kind of Information Society  are  we  moving?

May 2004 Anacapri - Partecipates in the International Workshop on E-government. Paper: The E-Government Policies Between Institutions and Rights

June 2004 Bologna- Partecipates in the Second PanEuropean Conference dell'ECPR. Paper: E-Government policies: What Place for Rights and Cultural Identities? The European Experience

September 2005 - Cagliari - Participates in the SISP National Congress. Paper: The Digital Revolution and the European Constitutionalization Processes. E-democracy between Ideology and Institutional Practices.

July 2006, Fukuoka, Partecipates in the XX Congress of IPSA. Paper: International Organizations ICTs Policies: E-Democracy and E-Government for Political Development.

2007-2009 - He coordinates the transnational research on the "Electronic Constitution".

September 2007, Catania - Participates in the XXI SISP National Congress. Paper: Administrative Space and Policies for E-Government. Toward a European Public Sphere? (with Fortunato Musella).

September, 2008, Pavia - Participates in the XXII SISP National Congress. Paper: Normative Policies of Cyberspace (with Mauro Santaniello).

 2008- Local coordinator of the study group in the sphere of the research on Presidential Communication, coordinator Prof. Mauro Calise (MURST).

September 2009, Roma - Partecipates in the SISP National Congress. Paper: Dall'appartenenza materiale all'appartenenza virtuale? La cittadinanza elettronica fra processi di costituzionalizzazione della rete e dinamiche di esclusione (with Enrico Gargiulo).

2007-2008; 2009-2010 - Temporary Professor of Science of Public Opinion at the University of Naples (Faculty of Sociology)

September 2011, Palermo - Partecipates in the SISP National Congress. Paper: La presidenzializzazione contesa (with Diego Giannone).

Paris - March 2012 - Partecipates in the international conference "Evaluation in the Media"Paper: Evaluation of the Media in the Media: Assessing Political and Methodological Aspects of Measuring Freedom of Information (with Diego Giannone).

Madrid - July 2012- Partecipates in the XXII Congress of IPSA. Panel: Electronic Administration, Innovations in Government-Citizen Relations. Paper: Electronic Regimes (with Mauro Santaniello).  Panel: The Democracy Barometers. Myths and Realities. Paper: Democracy and Freedom of Information Under Observation: Critical Issues and Limits of Measurement (with Diego Giannone).

Montreal - Luglio 2014 - Partecipates in the XXIII Congress of IPSA. Panel: Data Security, Deliberation, Social Networks. Paper: Governing Cyberspace: A Critical Assessment of European Digital Policies (with Mauro Santaniello)