Nunziatina DE TOMMASI Curriculum

Nunziatiana De Tommasi current position: Full Professor of Pharmaceutical biology  at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science of the University of Salerno, Coordinator of PhD in Pharmacutical Science. He was awarded, in 1996, with the Italian Phytohemical Society  “Redaelli”, a national price for researchers. Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology achieved at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Naples, on the 16/12/1986, 110/110 cum laude. . PhD in “Bioactive Natural compounds” achieved at the Department of Natural Compounds of  University of Naples “Federico II”, on the april 1992 WORKING EXPERIENCE: From 03/1984 to 07/1986 she worked at his experimental thesis in the Department of Chemistry of Natural Products as an undergraduate student. From 01/87 to 06/88 she was scientific collaborator in the same Department. Her activity as a PhD student was focused on the study of secondary metabolites from plant. The chemical study was carried out by the combination of diverse chromatographic, spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques.From 1996 to 1998 she has been appointed Researcher at University of Salerno, where she has focused her attention on the study of Plant Natural Products, in particular putting her efforts in the structural characterization of the products using  NMR techniques.In the period April-August 1997 she was invited at the EMBL- Heidelberg, Germania as a guest scientist. Her research in this period has dealt with proteins structural studies by multidimensional NMR.  She has focused her research objectives in three major areas: a) isolation and structural elucidation of plant compounds used in traditional medicine, b) advanced analytical methodologies in the study of bioactive natural molecules; c) Structural and molecular  study of ligand-small molecules interactionsGRANTS: Since 1994 she has participated, as the principal investigator or as coworker, to several projects granted by CNR, MURST, MIUR and by other public or private Institutions.Her research activity is proved by 170 publications on international journals and over 100 communications to national and international congresses.