Margherita DE ROSA Curriculum

Margherita De Rosa received her degree in Chemistry cum laude in 1995 from the University of Salerno where in 1996 she began her PhD courses. She received her doctoral degree in Chemistry in 1999 from the University of Salerno. (Title of the thesis: "New methodologies of synthesis of 2H-4,5-dihydropyrans derivatives. Thesis supervisor: Prof. Arrigo Scettri). In 1998, she carried out   a stage  at E.C.P.M. (Ecole Europeenne Chimie Polymeres Materiaux),University “Louis Pasteur” of Strasbourg (France), tutored by Prof. Arlette Solladié-Cavallo. In 2001, after two years postdoctoral fellow at the University of Salerno, she got a position of assistant professor in organic chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Biology of the University of Salerno. Her research interests are in: a)the field of developments of new and alternative methodologies with a focus on the potential use of water as a reaction medium both for the development of new and unique chemistries and at the same time offering a reduced environmental impact; b) the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules in the pharmaceutical domain. She is co-author of 39 scientific publications in international chemistry journals and she presented several communications at national and international conferences.