Osservatorio delle imprese e laboratorio virtuale sul Family Business



GALLUCCI CarmenScientific Director
Tipaldi RiccardoMembro


Family businesses are the backbone of the Italian business system: dynasties account for nearly 85 percent of the 5 million businesses surveyed in Italy, in addition to the numerous world of small and medium-sized enterprises.
As a result, the Italian family business includes companies of various sizes, stages of development, and sectors, all linked by the overlap of three fundamentally different systems: company, family, and assets. This overlap, however, does not always represent an impediment and constraint to growth.

In recent years, there has been a significant cultural ferment on this topic, which has given birth to the Italian Family Enterprise Research Academy (ITFERA) research network.
The mission of the Business Observatory and virtual laboratory on Family Business can be divided into the following points:
-Mapping the Family Business of our territory;
-Identify the excellent Family Businesses and best practices;
-Identify training and consulting needs to be implemented with ad-hoc interventions;
-Raise awareness on the issue of generational change.

Series of the Observatory on Business and Virtual Laboratory on Family Business

The series of the Observatory on business and virtual laboratory on family business has been active since 2012.
The first publication opens the series with a typical theme of the family business, the generational transition, recognized as a critical moment for the continuity of the company.
GALLUCCI C., METALLO G. (a cura di), La Finanza straordinaria per la sfida generazionale: soluzioni negoziali per la continuità,Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, 2012, ISSN 978-88-6342-354-9, pp. 1-295.

-Institutional structures and Corporate Governance;
-Organizational structures and decision-making processes;
-Generational continuity;
-Strategy and growth;
-Performance evaluation.

Observatory Activities

-Applied Research: building a complete and exhaustive map to frame the phenomenon in its many facets;
-Ad hoc Research Projects: consultancy support and projects commissioned to companies and organizations;
-Organization of training activities and seminars of specific interest: raising awareness of local businesses and policy makers through the organization of training activities on topics of interest and current trends;
-Organization of conferences and workshops: with the participation of scholars and testimonies of entrepreneurs who have had successful experiences;
-Publication and dissemination of the activities through the series, the website and the network. The dissemination of research results takes place thanks to the close connection with national and foreign research networks.


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La Finanza straordinaria per la sfida generazionale: soluzioni negoziali per la continuità - GALLUCCI C., METALLO G.Logo Osservatorio delle Imprese e Laboratorio Virtuale sul Family Business