Vincenzo BELGIORNO Curriculum

Professor of environmental engineering, Vincenzo Belgiorno carries out scientific research in the areas of wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal and environmental impact assessment. Holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering, has received numerous grants and contracts for research activities. Since 1996, he has been a lecturer at the University of Salerno, where he later became a researcher. In 2000, he became an associate professor. Since 2001, he is head of the SEED, Laboratory of Environmental Engineering of University of Salerno. Since 2004, he is a full professor and currently gives lectures in environmental treatment plants, solid waste treatment and remediation of contaminated sites. Since 2007, he is visiting professor at Cranfield University in England. He has coordinated research groups funded by MIUR, Government of Cyprus, Campania Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NATO and many applied research contracts with public and private companies. His activities include refereeing of research projects for several national and international bodies. Vincenzo Belgiorno is coauthor of over 200 publications in the fields of environmental engineering in referred journals and conference proceedings. He is associate editor of Desalination and Water Treatment and member of the editorial board of Toxicology and Global Nest. He has over 1000 ISI citations in international publications and an Hirsch index equal to 22 (