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X-Culture is a not-for-profit project. It runs on the enthusiasm and unpaid effort of our Instructors. Most important, our data shows that the instructor's effort and preparedness are the best predictors of the student success. We often have two instructors, same university, same study level, same class size - huge difference in class performance. Instructors DO MATTER. ....Selecting the BEST INSTRUCTOR is no easy task. First, it's hard to agree on what constitutes the "best instructor." Is this the instructor whose students received the highest peer evaluations? Is this the instructor whose students' teams wrote the best reports? Is this someone who invested the most time in the project? Volunteered to help when help was needed? All of the above? We all teach in different countries, at different university with different standards, classes of different size, courses of different level. Selecting the BEST INSTRUCTOR is not easy. ... A Selection Committee of 8 experienced educators reviewed the available performance data (over 100 data points pertaining to each instructor) to select the BEST INSTRUCTORS of 2014-2. At least 50 instructors of the 112 showed excellent performance. All other instructors were also very strong, dedicated, and hard working. After much consideration, however, the Selection Committee felt these 25 deserve the Best Instructor Award.
X-CULTUREProject coordinator Dr. Vas TarasBryan School of Business and EconomicsUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroPOB 26165Greensboro, NC 27402-6165 - Stati Uniti
Best Instructor X-Culture International Project
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