Roberta CITRO Curriculum

Accademic carrier
- Laurea in Physics: date 30/11/1993, University of Salerno (Italy) , score 110/110 with honors;
- PhD in Physics: date 16/05/1998, University of Salerno (Italy);
- 1998/1999 Postdoc (as Fulbright Fellow) at the Department of Physics, Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA;
- 1/9/1999-2001 INFM (National Institute for Matter Physics) fellow at the Department of Physics, University of Salerno (Italy).
-Present Position: Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics; -11/2001-03/2015: Researcher (Sector: Theoretical Physics) at the Department of Physics “E.R. Caianiello”, University of Salerno (Italy)
-1/6/2007-1/6/2008 Visiting researcher (as Marie Curie Fellow) at the Laboratoire des Physiques et Modélization des Milieux Condensés (LPM2C), CNRS Grenoble (Francia).
-2/4/2013-2/8/2013 Visitor Scholar at Physics Department, Harvard University (USA);

-08/2016-11/2016 Invited Professor at University of Strasbourg (Fr)
She has taken short-term mobility as visiting scientist in many european institutions (Ecòle Normale Superieure, Paris and Lyon (France); Condensed Matter Physics Department, Genéve University (CH))
-Award of the Italian Physical Society (1998)
-Fulbright Award (1999)
-Marie Curie Fellow (2007)
Other Activities: Referee of Physical Review, IOP, and Nature. Editor of the European Physical Journal ST from 2008.
Organizing/Academic Activities:
Member of the organizing committee of SATT XI (2002),
“Highlights in Condensed Matter Physics” (2003); BEC08Grenoble (2008); BEC2010 (Nice); BEC2012 (Lyon); BEC2014 (Trento); BEC2016 (Salerno). Since 2015 coordinator of the Training Course in Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems (Vietri sul Mare).
Member of the Collegium of Doctorate in Physics (University of Salerno) since 2003.
Scientific projects:
-Regional Project (Fundend by Regione Campania, Law n.5, March 20, 2002) “Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Mesostructures” (2003);

-EU PF6 Marie Curie n.039976 QPDEUGAS

-Projects for basic research (FARB) of the University of Salerno since 2008.

Author of 142 papers on international journals (h-index: 22 from Scopus, 24 Google Scholar) including a Review of Modern Physics and of 6 articles/chapters in books. She is editor of the proceedings of three international conferences and a laboratory book.
Interests: Strongly correlated systems at low-dimensionality and quantum transport.