Stefania MARZOCCO Curriculum

Stefania Marzocco PhD for two years developed a graduation thesis in experimental pharmacology at the Department of Experimental Pharmacology of the University of Naples “Federico II”(1996) obtaining degree in Pharmacy (1998). In 2001 obtained the title of Specialist in "Farmacia Ospedaliera" and in 2005 the PhD in "Biochimica e patologia dell'azione dei farmaci" at the University of Salerno.
Academic positions: Researcher in Pharmacology (BIO/14) at the University of Salerno, Dept. of Pharmacy (2005 - present).
Research activity: the main fields of interest regard the study of inflammation and oxidative stress, with particular attention to new therapeutical targets and new drugs, and the role of NO in pathological conditions such as inflammation and hypertension. Moreover she is involved, always with other italian and foreigner research groups, also in the study of antinflammatory and cytotoxic activity of natural vegetal products both in vitro and in vivo. Her scientific production is confirmed by numerous partecipation to national and international congresses, as speaker, by 72 papers published on scientific journals with well known impact factor, by 12 papers published on international scientific journal and by 3 volume contribution.
Activities in education:
2005 - present. Course of “Cellular and molecular Pharmacology”, School of Pharmacy, University of Salerno.
2011 - present. Course of “General Pharmacology”, School of Biological Sciences, University of Salerno.
2012-present. Course of “Oncological Drugs” Scuola di Specializzazione in Farmacia Ospedaliera - University of Salerno.
1998 - 2001: Seminars for courses of “Pharmacology and Pharmacoterapy”, “Chemiotherapy”, “Toxicology”, School of Pharmacy, University of Salerno.