Oriana MOTTA Curriculum

2011 – present Associate Professor, Chemistry of Environment and Cultural Heritage (SSD CHIM/12), University of Salerno, Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry

2002-2011 Assistant Professor, Chemistry of Environment and Cultural Heritage (SSD CHIM/12), University of Salerno, Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Science.

1994-2002 Assistant Professor, Material Science and Technology (SSD ING/IND 22), University of Catania.


1986 – 1991 Master Degree in Chemistry cum laude, University of Catania, Title of the thesis “Synthesis and photo-oxidation studies of polymers containing UV protector sites”

1991 - 1992 Fellowship from the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI, Wilton, UK) for the development of new asymmetric sulphonated aromatic compounds.

1992-1994 PhD in Chemistry, University of Catania . Title of the thesis “Chemical-physical, rheological and mechanical characterization of multi-fase polymeric systems”

Teaching experience

2016 – present Chemistry and Propaedeutics Biochemistry, Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry

2015 – present Elements of Chemistry and Biochemistry for Sportive Environments, Department of human, philosophical and educational science

2001 – present Environmental Chemistry and Ecology, Department of human, philosophical and educational science

2011 – 2018 Laboratory of Ecology and Studies on the Environment

2004 – 2011 Hygiene applied to the environment

2004 – 2007 Elements of Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

2002 – 2008 Education to environment and health, S.I.C.S.I. University of Salerno

1995 – 2000 Material Science and Technology, University of Catania


Over 80 publications, including original research paper, books and book chapters


“High-performance Tyre” Inventors: M. Caprio, A. Proto, C. Capacchione, M. Nahmias Nanni, O. Motta WO2012069335 (A1)

“Method for removing a filter unit from a laboratory extraction hood, relative filtering and safety removal kit, and laboratory extraction hood”. Inventors: E. Dadati, O. Motta, A. Proto MI2015A000659

Spin Off

Aquaria Research s.r.l.

Fields of research

The most recent scientific interests of prof. Oriana Motta mainly concern the synthesis and study of new materials and methods for the sampling of atmospheric pollutants, new processes and materials with low environmental impact and environmental monitoring activities. She has developed and promoted several projects related to air quality and the health impact of pollutants.

She dedicates part of her scientific activity to the evaluation of atmospheric pollutants that contribute to the degradation of the materials of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage both in external environments and in museums. She is working on the determination of the ratio of stable carbon isotopes in carbon dioxide, which has been applied in the environmental field for the discrimination of sources of pollution from fossil fuels, in the food field for the study of food quality and possible sophistication and in the medical field for the determination of Helicobacter pylori infection by means of respirometric tests. She is interested in the development of new chemical formulations capable of blocking the proliferation of bacterial and fungal communities during the storage of the organic fraction of household waste and of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in hospital waste. She also analyzed drinking water with particular attention to emerging contaminants, as well as the evaluation of the possible health implications linked to the transport of drinking water by sea. She is also interested in the study and application of denitrifying bacteria in wastewater treatments and in researching new methods of treating graywater that allow its reuse.