Virgilio D'ANTONIO Curriculum

Virgilio D’Antonio (PhD in Comparison and rights of the individual) is full professor in Comparative Private Law at the University of Salerno, where he teaches Information and Communication Comparative Law and Advertising Law. Visiting fellow at University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (USA), University of Haifa (Israel), Universitat Estatal de Barcelona (Spain) and Universidad Católica de Colombia (Colombia), in 2010 he was national reporter on Copyright and Intellectual Property at XVIIIth International Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (George Washington University Law School – USA). His main research interests concern Comparative and European Private Law, Information and Communication Law, Economic Analysis of Law, Tort Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Antitrust Law. Admitted as Attorney at Italian’s Supreme Courts, he is national advisor of TP – Associazione Italiana Pubblicitari Professionisti. He has written and edited a large number of books and articles in Italian and international reviews. His main research interests concern  Comparative and European Private LawInformation and Communication LawEconomic Analysis of LawTort LawCopyright LawPatent and Trademark LawAntitrust Law.