Mario TESTA Curriculum

Current Academic Position
* Assistant Professor of Economics and Management

Department of Company Studies and Research (Management & Information Technology) - University of Salerno



Research Areas

* Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

* Corporate Governance

* Marketing and Communication

* Cross Cultural Management

* Human Behaviour

Academic path

* Degree in Business Administration awarded by the University of Salerno on 06/05/2002, with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude and thesis on Business Strategy * Scholarship for Study Abroad, focusing on the themes of Business Ethics at the Center for Business Ethics of Bentley University (Boston) * Ph.D. in Marketing and Communications from 2003 to 2006 * Research Fellow at the Department of Studies and Research Company of the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno, for about eight years, developing research projects on the following themes: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Innovation and Green Energy * Visiting Researcher at Nairobi University (Kenya ) and at the Makerere University in Kampala (Uganda) * Evaluated suitable to be Associate Professor for the Area of 13-B2

Profile and Professional Activities

* Member of the Order of Accountants and Auditors * Passing the exam for (KHC) Auditor II and III of the Quality Management Systems * Consultant dealing with business strategies and organization as well as part of international projects, including one funded by FAO-Somalia in 2010 * Since 2002, designs, develops and holds post-graduate and professional training activities, making use of experiential methodologies (indoor and outdoor)