Federica LAZZARELLI Curriculum

Graduated in Law cum laude at the University of Camerino, is Researcher in Private Law for the Faculty of Economics at the University of Salerno since 1st October 2006, before for the Faculty of Economics, after for the Faculty of Law. In 2016, she earned the scientific qualification for the role of Associate Professor in Private Law (12 A1- Private Las) with unanimous positive evaluation (ASN 2013). In 2001, was awarded a grant to attend the School Specialising in Civil Law at Camerino that was subsequently suspended, after winning a place on the doctorate programme, entitled "The Civil Problems of the Individual", of the University of Sannio. After being awarded a Phd, received research grants from the "Research Centre on Software Technology" of the University of Sannio as well as the Department di Diritto, Impresa e Lavoro (DIL) of the University of Salerno. In parallel with her research activities, she has always been teaching over the past years and held various chairs upon request of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Salerno: Transport Law, Law of Information and Networks, Private Law, Law of Banking and Insurance Contracts, Notarial Law. Since 2012, she teaches Legal Informatics at the School Specialising in Civil Law at Camerino. She was a member of the teaching staff of the doctoral programme in “International Law and National Law in International Matters” within the Doctoral School Giambattista Vico of the University of Salerno and of the doctoral programme in "International law and domestic law in international matters: public ethics, person, market and corporate social responsibility”. Has participated to numerous research projects of national relevance (PRIN). She has been and still is responsible for FARB Salerno University research project. She is a member of the editorial board of the legal journal “Le Corti Salernitane”. She’s a member of the Italian Society of Civil Law Scholars (SISDIC) and of the Foundation "School of Higher Education Legal". She’s a Founder and the Secretary of the Association of Doctorates private law (A.D.P). Referee VQR – Area 12 (2011-2014). Fluent in English.