Curriculum Docente

Carla Ferreyra is Assistant Professor at the University of Salerno in the disciplinary area of Representation of Architecture. In 2021, she achieves a PhD in “Risk and Sustainability in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Systems” focused on the Digital Conservation of Cultural Heritage with the implementation of innovative projects for the transmission of this legacy to future generations, obtaining the recognition of Doctor Europaeus.

In 2020, she conducted research at the Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies of the University of Bamberg in Germany. In 2017, she completed a training period at the University Institute of Lisbon in Portugal, where she developed social projects to recover priority areas of the city. In 2016, she obtained a double master’s degree in Architecture and Building Engineer at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina and the University of Salerno in Italy, developing an interdisciplinary project with the collaboration of the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. She worked in various architecture and engineering companies and held several seminars, workshops and conferences related to art, architecture, and engineering.