Curriculum Docente

I got High School degree in classical studies ( Latin and ancient Greek) by "Liceo De Sanctis" ( Salerno ). Later I obtained my master 's degree from the University of Salerno defending a thesis about de Sitter relativity. Then I have obtained my doctor's degree (PhD) defending a thesis on cryptography. I also obtained my teaching license in Mathematics and Physics for the secondary school (where I have a permanent position), as well as the National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Associate Professor for the disciplinary field of Applied Physics, Didactics and History of Physics (FIS/08). The main research is in the field of gravitation and and we can subdivide it as shown below

  • Scaling relations between the mass of supermassive black holes and the properties of the host galaxies, in strict collaboration with Antonio Feoli's research group.
  • Attempts to explain the acceleration of the Universe without introducing the Dark Energy hypothesis.
  • Attempts to explain the galactic rotation curves without introducing Dark Matter paradigm and without assuming alternatives theories of gravitation but remaining within the framework of the standard Einstein general theory of relativity.
  • De Sitter Relativity : investigations about the application of de Sitter Relativity at cosmological scale in strict collaboration with Ignazio Licata and Leonardo Chiatti.
  • Teaching Modern Physics to undergraduates.
  • Mathematics and Physics applied in computational and financial field, in strict collaboration with Gerardo Iovane's research group.

Present and past collaborators

Antonino Amorosia (Unime); Stefano Bellucci (INFN); Tiziana Beltramonte (UNISAnnio); Ivana Bochicchio (UNISA); Antonio Briscione (UNISA); Maurizio Capriolo (UNISA); Leonardo Chiatti (ASL Viterbo); Christian Corda (B.M., Hyderabad, India); Marco Di Mauro ( Uni Trento ); Mariateresa Fallarino (UNISAnnio); Fabiano Feleppa (Utrecht University); Antonio Feoli (UNISAnnio); Luca Greco (UNISAnnio); Antonella Lucia Iannella (UNISAnnio); Gerardo Iovane (UNISA); Giuseppe Iuele ( Unibas ); Giuseppe Lamponi (Unime); Ettore Laserra (UNISA); Marco Leone (UNISA); Ignazio Licata (ISEM Palermo); Hooman Moradpour (Research Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragha, Maragheh, Iran); Adele Naddeo ( INFN ); Maria Nicolina Papa (UNISA); Sofia Principe (UNISAnnio); Ivan Russo ( Unibas ); Fabrizio Tamburini (ZKM-Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany); Maria Laura Zollo (UNISAnnio)

I'm Review Board of Athens Journal of Education, Frontiers in Physics and Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences

I have been referee for the following international journals

  • Gravitation and Cosmology ( Springer Publishing )
  • European Journal of Physics ( Iop Science Publishing )
  • Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física (Sociedade Brasileira de Física Publishing)
  • Advances in Computational Mathematics ( Springer Publishing )
  • Modern Physics Letters A (World Scientific Publishing)
  • International Journal of Modern Physics A (World Scientific Publishing)
  • Astrophysics and Space Science ( Springer Publishing)
  • Canadian Journal of Physics ( Canadian Science Publishing )
  • Europhysics Letters ( Iop Science Publishing )
  • International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology ( Taylor & Francis Publishing )
  • Journal of Synchroton Radiation ( Iucr Publishing )
  • Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).
  • British Journal of Applied Science&Tecnology ( Sciencedomain International )
  • Physical Science International Journal ( Sciencedomain International )
  • Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology ( Scientific Research Publishing )
  • Athens Journal of Education ( Education Unit of ATINER )
  • Open Physics ( De Gruyter )
  • Universe ( MDPI )
  • Axioms ( MDPI )
  • Physics ( MDPI )