Domenico TARANTO Curriculum

Taranto Domenico, is full Professor of History of political Thought at University of Salerno  since 1/10/2002


Born in Rome on 19.5.1951, he graduated in Philosophy in 1974 at the  University  “ La  Sapienza", discussing with Prof.Gaetano Calabrò a thesis “On the methodical status of sociology in the debate between Popper and Adorno”.

In 1976 he qualified as a teacher of Humanities and History in high schools.

Since '77, he got a scholarship at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Salerno

Since 1981 Researcher at the same University

In 1985 he organized, together with Prof Vittorio Dini, the conference on: The modern wisdom, the same thing he did in 1989 by organizing a conference on Democracy Individualism Absolutism, took care of both, along with Dini, the relevant  Acts.

In the academic year 1991/92 has obtained  the teaching  of History of Political Thought at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Salerno,

It 'was one of the founding members of the "Archives of reason of state", established in Naples at the end of 1991.

He was appointed on 06.07.2000 Associate Professor of History of Political Thought, the Faculty of Humanities, University of Salerno,  after passing the test  issued by the University of Bologna.

 In 1995 he prepared and directed the publication of a database of studies on the history of political thought published under the name of Filepolitico from Olsckhi, is responsible along with Professors: Baldini and Conti  of bibliographic sector seventeenth century of the journal (Magazine)  "The Political Thought ', is part the International Scientific Committee of the Journal 'CITES' directed by Yves-Charles Zarka, designed the website of the Italian Association of historians of political thought, (AISDP) assuming editorial responsibility. In 2001 he edited together with C. Carini a database of studies on political thought, containing the data offered by the counting of journals  published annually by the "Political Thought".