Paolo VILLANI Curriculum

Since 2000 he is Full Professor in the SSD. ICAR02 - Hydraulic Engineering, at the Department of Civil Engineering (DICIV), University of Salerno. He coordinates and participates in numerous research projects, is scientific tutor of PhD students and research fellows. Since 1990 he is teaching Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Aqueducts and Sewers, Hydraulic Protection of the Territory, Hydrology, Management of Water Resources, Statistics for Hydrology. He held seminars at teaching and research national and international institutions (CNR-IRPI, Doctoral Schools, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Technische Universität of Darmstaadt (TUD)). He had and is responsible for direction, coordination and representation in academic bodies of the University of Salerno (Member of the Orientation Center, Head of ​​DICIV Teaching Board, Director of the Nature Based Engineering Solution School, President of the DICIV Joint Teachers-Students Commission) and research structures (Director of the Inter-University Center for the Mitigation of Major Risks CUGRI, member of the Board of Directors of the University Center for Remote Sensing). He has a consolidated experience in assessing the quality of research, teaching and academic organization, gained through (i) participation in numerous competition commissions for Full Professor, Researcher, PhD, Research Fellow, (ii) as reviewer for prestigious international journals, and as as auditor for National and International projects, (iii) com and member of the Board of Directors of the Interuniversity Integrated Systems Consortium for Access CISIA, (iv) as President of the Quality Evaluation Board of the University of Basilicata. He himself is the author of approximately 100 works published in journals or proceedings of international and national conferences. He was member or national manager of several European research projects (EUROTAS, IMPRINTS, CALOHEE I and II)