Rodolfo VITOLO Curriculum

Full professor of law, prof. Vitolo holds a professorship of Corporate and Bankruptcy Law at Business Science Department – Management & Innovation Systems University of Salerno, where he held substitute teaching of Legal business relations and Arbitration law. He also held the teaching of Inland and International Arbitration law at Civil Law specialization school, University of Camerino.

Inter alia, in a.a. 2015/16 he taught Business Law and Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, in a.a. 2016/17 and Tourist economy contracts and Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, in a.a. 2017/18 di Tourist economy contracts and Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law and Mediation and arbitration in the system of business relations; in a.a. 2018/19 Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law and Mediation and arbitration in the system of business relations.

Director of post-graduation advanced course «Professional conciliator in corporate sector», organized by Salerno's University as Accredited body according to Ministerial Decree n. 222/2004.

In addition to the aforementioned university activity, prof. Vitolo is also a lawyer (Bar of Salerno), expert in corporate and arbitration issues, often appointed by Tribunal’s presidents and public administrations as judicial administrators of companies of significant economic and social importance, as well as a component of arbitration boards invested with disputes of considerable economic value. He was member of the examining commission for competition for judge (2000), qualifying exams for chartered accountant and qualifying bar exams.

Teaching activity

prof. Vitolo carries out an intense and effective teaching activity, undertaking, scrupulously, the performance of lessons and exercises. This activity is particularly appreciated by the students due the professor's experience, the discussion of the topics, present-day and connected to the evolution of legislation, domestic and EU, and plainness in explaining.

He also performs all his academic duties, taking part at exams, also even those of the same legal area. He provides tutoring for students and undergraduates, and contributes positively to the life of the Department and of the University, giving a valid contribution to the Department Councils.

Scientific activity

Responsible for operational units in funded research projects by the Ministry of the University (quota 40% and 60%) and National Research Council, prof. Vitolo committed to deepening of issues concerning national and international arbitration culture as well as its effects on the management of business relationships. Inter alia, after dealing with companies legal aspects (with particular reference to special legislation and the conditions of uncertainty related to the destination and use of productive assets), he dedicated to the study of so-called «arbitration justice». The results of the research and study activity of prof. Vitolo are documented by five monographs and various works, published in major Italian scientific journals or discussed at national and international congresses and seminars.

Scientific projects

11.3.2019-10.3.2020: Big Data and artificial intelligence between inquietude and improvement of the daily life of the system of business relationships (University funds);

20.11.2017-20.11.2020: Sustainable development and economic security (University funds);

29.7.2016-20.9.2018: From individual relationships to the system of business relationships (University funds);

28.7.2015-28.7.2017: The declining of the “common control” in bankruptcy law and codes (University funds);

7.11.2014-6.11.2016: Organization of agricultural production and vertical integration: relations with MMR (University funds);

11.12.2013-11.12.2015: Vertical integration in the primary sector and social security system (University funds);

22.3.2011-31.12.2013: Activities aimed at promoting and spreading knowledge (other public bodies funds).