Carmine ATTANASIO Curriculum

Carmine Attanasio, born in Nocera Superiore (SA) the 30th of March 1960, is from October 2002 is Associate Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Salerno. In december 2013 he received the abilitation as a Full Professor in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics. His research activity, developed in the field of experimental study of advanced and innovative materials, has been focused in the production of both low- and high-Tc superconducting materials in the form of thin films and multilayers and in the measure of their superconducting and transport properties also in the presence of microwave radiation. His scientific interest is from several years devoted to the study of the interaction between superconductivity and magnetism in artificial layered structures. In the 1994 he had assigned an Italian patent on ''In situ photolithographic technique of thin films of high temperature superconductors''. He is author of more than 160 scientific papers published on international journals and of more than 45 conference contributions. Hirsh factor h=14 and number of citations 715. He has been supervisor of 9 Master Thesis in Physics and 8 Bachelor Thesis. He has beensupervisor of 4 PhD research and responsible for 4 research grants on topics related to the study of the interaction between superconductivity and magnetism. He gave 30 invited talks to international conferences.It is part of the Academic Board of the PhD in Physics at the University of Salerno. He has been Coordinator of several funding grants at the University of Salerno (2000/01, 2001/02, 2002/03, 2010/11, 2011/12), coordinator of the Research Project Regione Campania, L.R. n.5/2002, named “Depairing Currents superconducting/ferromagnetic hybrid structures” and national coordinator of the 2007 PRIN project named “Dc and ac transport properties of hybrid superconducting/ferromagnetic structures based on traditional materials” (2007). He has been is the scientific head of the research line named ''Transport Phenomena in superconducting materials'' of the CNR-SPIN Institute. He is member of the Board Council of the CNR-SPIN Institute.