Giuseppina AUTORE Curriculum

Name Giuseppina Autore
Date and place of birth: 8 September 1959 Naples
Citizenship Italian
Address, University of Study of Salerno-Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences; Via Ponte Don melillo, 84084 Fisciano, Salerno Phone: 089-969738; Fax: 089-962810;
Curriculum Studiorum
1978 High School
1978 -1982 Student at the School of Pharmacy, University of Naples "Federico II"
1982: Degree in Pharmacy cum laude
1983- 1988 Student in PhD in Pharmacology
1988 PhD in Pharmacology
1988 Senior Scientist at the Sub-Department of Human Gastrointestinal Physiology and Nutrition, Royal Hallamshire Hospital di Sheffield with Prof. N.V. Read
1991-1993-Postdoctoral experience
1991 Senior Scientist at the  Department of Pharmacognosy,School of Pharmacy University of London (UK) with Prof F.J. Evans
1993, Researcher, School of Pharmacy,. University of Salerno
1993 Member of the  Council at the School of Pharmacy, University of Salerno
2001 Associate Professor in Pharmacology at the School of Pharmacy, University of Salerno
Scientific fields of interests
The main fields of her studies have been i)  the gastrointestinal pharmacology with particular regards to clarify the mechanism of action of different classes of laxatives and antiulcer products of natural origin (with particular regards to castor oil and anthrachinones). She has also studied ii) the role of uremic toxins as methylguanidine deriving from protein catabolism in modulating the immune and inflammatory response focusing the capability of this guanidino compound to act as an anti-inflammatory natural product both in vivo both in vitro modulating the expression of different proteins involved in inflammation (inducible nitric oxide synthase and cycloxygenase) Other studies regarded iii) cardiovascular pharmacology and particularly the role of nitric oxide in physiological and pathological condition (septic shock, hypertension). She has been interested on vascular reactivity and modifications in  the expression of different proteins involved in vascular reactivity (ie.  different isoforms of nitric oxide synthase and cycloxygenase) and their modulation in pathological conditions (angioplastic balloon, LPS-induced septic shock, diabetes, and finally after pressure overload induced by transverse aorta stenosis). She has been also involved in research projects regarding the study of natural drugs with cytotoxic or anti-inflammatory activity derived from vegetal kingdom useful as anti-inflammatory remedies and their mechanism of action. Her scientific production is also validated by several national and international cooperations with italian and foreign researcher, by several participations as speaker to national and international Congresses and by more than 90 papers published on international journals at impact factor known.