Pierluigi RITROVATO Curriculum

Pierluigi Ritrovato was born in Cosenza on 09.04.1968 and received the degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Salerno in 1992. Since 2006 he has been Assistant Professor in the field ING-INF05 "Information Processing Systems". In 2016 he achieved the position of Associate professor and from 2020 he is Full Professor at the University of Salerno. He has been consultant for research and technological innovation at CRMPA – Research Center in Pure and Applied Mathematics, a not for profit consortium partipated by the Unveirsity of Salerno. In July 2014 he joined to the MIVIA lab research group (Intelligent Machine for Video, Image and Audio recognition) leading the research group for Cognitive Vision. From June 2015 is is responsible for DIEM Internationalisation activities.

In the last ten years, he has been focusing his scientific research on Adaptive Learning Management Systems, Knowledge Management and Semantic Web with focus on implementation of Enterprise 2.0 solution based on Semantic technologies for performance improvement in so-called knowledge-intensive organization (supporting knowledge sharing, collaboration among distributed work teams, expert finding, etc.), Grid technologies for business and Service Oriented Architecture.

The research activities have been carried out in the context of international research projects funded (according to open competive call) by the European Commission. For the project listed below, he has followed all the activities from the request funding to the project completition for an overall budget of more than 18M€:

  • ARISTOTELE (Personalized Learning & Collaborative Working Environments Fostering Social Creativity and Innovations Inside the Organizations, FP7, 2010-2013) with role of technical manager);
  • ELeGI (European Learning GRID Infrastructure, FP6, 2004 - 2007) with the role of Scientific Coordinator, the project involved 23 partners coming from 9 Eu countries;
  • Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence (FP6, 2004 - 2008) as coordinator of the Learning GRID Special Interest Group;
  • GrASP (Grid based Application Service provision, FP5, 2002-2004) as scientific coordinator;
  • GENESIS (GEneralised eNvironment for procEsS management in cooperatIve Software engineering, FP5, 2000 - 2002) as Project Coordinator.

Morever he has participated to the following research projects funded under the sixth and seventh framework research programme of the European Union:

  • AKOGRIMO (Access to KnOwledge through GRid in a MObile world)
  • QUALIPSO (Quality Platform for Open Source Project)
  • BREIN (Business objective driven REliable and Intelligent grids for real buseNess)
  • BEINGRID (Business Experiments in Grid)
  • NEXOF-RA (Nessi Open Framework – Reference Architecture)

He has been Appointed by the European Commission as Locomotors, together with the United State counterpart for the “eLearning Futures and the Learning GRID” Working Group established in the frame of EU-US Cooperation programme on Science and Technologies for Learning.

He has been chair of the Service Orchestration, SLA usage and Workflow - Technical Group for projects funded under the sixth and seventh framework program by the research unit on the Software and Services Infrastructure of the European Commission. He has been member of the Steering Committee of the NESSI (Networked European Software & Service Initiative – 2007-2009) European Technology Platform (

He is co-editor of the books “Towards the Learning Grid: Advances in Human Learning Services” and “The Learning Grid Handbook: Concepts, Technologies and Applications” both published by IOS Press. More info about research activities are available at the following link