Alfonso TORTORA Curriculum

Personal Details: Full Name Alfonso Tortora Education University of Naples academic year 1983/84 Degree in Political Science Thesis in Modern History Work and Research Experience: 1. Supervisor of the seminar “Sacerdotal Congregations and Missionary strategy of Jesuits in the 16th century in the Town of Lecce (South Italy) 2. Researcher on the History of Earth Sciences for the Vesuvian Observatory of Naples from 1988 to 1993 3. Supervisor of two Seminars on the History of Science at the University of Urbino, Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, 1991 4. Supervisor of a supplementary seminar of a course in Mineralogy in Natural Science, University of Naples, Department of Geophysics, 1992 University of Salerno, Faculty of Plitical Science, chiar of Modern History: 1. Expert of the Inquisition Procedures in the Mezzogiorno in the 16th century under Professor Aurelio Musi’s direction, January 1993 2. Supervisor of a series of seminars on “Reformation and Conte-Reformation in the Mezzogiorno of Italy”, published in 1995 3. Member of the research work “The small and medium towns in the History of the South Europe”, financed by MURST, 1998 4. Member of the research work “The urban functions in Campania in Modern Ages”, financed by MURST, 1998 5. Member of the research work “Giovanni Antonio Summonte and the storiography in Naples in early 17th century 6. Winner of a public selection as a member of research activities for the project “International Political Globalization (1999-2001) 7. University Researcher at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Salerno (1st November 2001) 8. With legal effect 1/11/2004 he is researcher for the scientific-disciplinary M-STO/02, at the Faculty of Political Science. 9. Professor of “Metodology of History research” and of “History of the Church”, Faculty of Political Science, University of Salerno (scince 2004/2005) 10. Since 2007 seconded Professor (“aggregato”) of “Metodology of Histor.From 2007 to 2011, more the teaching of Methodology of historical research he had instructed of «History of social service». Since 2011 he teaches «Modern history», at the Faculty of Political Science. Since 2012 he is charge of teaching of Middle Age History at the Faculty of Formation Science.