Giovanna DELLA PORTA Curriculum

Currently she is RTDb at Translational Medicine Lab. of the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry carrying out research activities related to the development of micro and nano systems for the controlled delivery of bioactive molecules and for the manufacture of bioactive 3D micro-environments for the tissue engineering of the musculoskeletal system.

Previously (from 2003), she was Senior Researcher at Dept of Industrial Engineering of University of Salerno, Italy. In this period she worked in the research team of Chemical Processes for the development of drug delivery formulations to increase the bioavailability of the drug or to develop controlled release system formulations. The products have been manufactured by highly innovative technologies using supercritical fluids and dense gases.

Years 2012-13. Research Fellowship at Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering of the University of Maryland, (College Park, MD-USA) in a project entitled: “Effect of bioactivated 3D scaffold and dynamic cultivation on hMSC osteogenic differentiation”. Supervisor prof. J. Fisher, Editor of Tissue Engineering Journal.

Years 1999-2002. Research Grant at Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Salerno, Italy. The research project was entitled “Micronization of active compounds by using supercritical fluids technologies”. In this period the research activity were focused on drugs micronization to increase the bioavailability and injectable drug microspheres production to develop sustained release formulations by supercritical fluid technologies.

Year 1998. Research Fellowship from the National Research Council at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering of the University of Maine, (MA-USA), in a project entitled: “VLEs measurement of ternary mixtures of Solvent-Antibiotics-Supercritical fluid”, Supervisor prof. E. Kiran. Editor of Supercritical Fluid Journal.

MS in Biology and Biotechnology; PhD in Bioengineering at Dept. of Electronic, Informatic & Systems (DEIS), University of Bologna, Italy (Tutor prof. A. Cappello).

ASN 03/D2 Drug Technolog and Drug Regulations as Associate Professor in 2012.

ASN 09/D3 Chemical Plants and Technologies as Associate Professor in 2013.

She is author of 88 papers published on international journals and co-inventor of 4 patents on processes using supercritical fluids or expanded liquids; her H-Index is of 30 (see Scopus author n. 56266077100).