Giovanni DE FEO Curriculum

Associate Professor of Sanitary-Environmental Engineering (ICAR / 03), he teaches Industrial Ecology at the Master's Degree Courses in Chemical Engineering and Management Engineering of the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn) of the University of Salerno.

He is qualified as a first-tier professor in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

He is a member of the Academic Board of the Research Doctorate in Innovative Engineering Technologies for Industrial Sustainability-IETIS at the University of Salerno.

Graduated with honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Salerno, PhD in Civil Engineering for the environment and the territory, former research fellow as "Expert in the sector of the environmental impact of health engineering works".

He has carried out teaching activities for the courses of Pollution Phenomena and Environmental Quality Control, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Assessment Procedures, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Elements, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Disposal and Treatment of Solid Waste , Impact of Civil Engineering Works, Remediation of Contaminated Sites, Management of Public Services, Environmental Health Engineering, Impact of Health Engineering Works and Legal Disciplines of Technical-Engineering Activities.

Supervisor, co-supervisor and tutor in about 400 degree theses.

Since June 2017, he has been in charge of the "Waste" thematic table of the Working Group for "University Sustainability" of the University of Salerno. Since November 2017, he has represented the University of Salerno in the "Resources and Waste" WG of the RUS-Network of Universities for Sustainable Development and from November 2021 also in the "Climate Change" WG.

He carries out his research activity at DIIn on the following main topics: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); solid waste management, treatment and disposal; wastewater management, treatment and disposal. He is Editor of the magazine "Water, Science and Technology: Water Supply" and was the Editor of "Water, Science and Technology". He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journals Sustainability, Recycling, Standards, Energy and Environment Research, Environment and Pollution, International Journal of Environmental Protection, Academica Science Journal-Economica Series, Ingegneria dell’Ambiente (IDA).

He is a referee for about forty international journals. He is part of the scientific committee of Ingenio. He has participated as a speaker in numerous seminars, conferences, masters, etc. He is the author and co-author of about 190 technical-scientific publications and monographs.

He is the creator and promoter of the Greenopoli environmental education project ( which since December 2014 has involved more than 300 schools and about sixty thousand students.

In 2017 he was awarded at the Caselle Film Festival. In 2018 he received the Vesuvio Verde, Silver Amphitheater, Prata International Award, Environmentalist Award of the Year - Luisa Minazzi awards. In May 2018 he was appointed Honorary Member of the Italian Association of Environmental Sciences - AISA. In 2019 he won the Pabulum and "Excellence for young people from Campania 2019" awards. In 2021, the third mission project "Life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental disclosure with the Greenopoli method", by DIIn, received the "Sustainable and resilient PA 2021 Award" for the TRAINING section on sustainability issues.