Grazia MOFFA Curriculum

Researcher in Sociology of economic and labor (SPS/09) at the Faculty of Humanities (Department of Political Science, Social and Communication), University of Salerno.

Teaches Sociology of work in the Sociology Graduate Program at the University of Salerno.

Other teachings at the University of Salerno:

Sociology of migrations and euromediterranean politics in the Sociology Advanced Degree

Techniques for the analysis of social organizations at the three year degree course in Sociology;

Sociology of Work and Welfare

Industrial sociology

Laboratory for analysis of international markets.

Partecipated to many european and italian projects on migrations, work policies and social problems studies. Has dedicated also a continued attention to gender perspectives. She is member of CISUS, an Interdepartmental Research Centre in the field of humanities and social sciences, where is in charge of the Marketing area. She is steering Committee of OGEPO (Interdepartmental Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities Observatory). Sientific manager of the Ce.Do.M. (study center on new migrations)

She has dedicated also a continued attention to gender perspectives.