Patrizia LONGOBARDI Curriculum

Degree in Mathematics, with laude, at the University of Naples in 1976.
CNR scholarship for undergraduate students, University of Naples, 1975-1976.
CNR scholarship for graduate students, University of Naples, 1977-1982.
Assistant Professor of Algebra, University of Naples, 1982-1987.
Associate Professor of Algebra, University of Naples, 1987-2000.
Professor of Algebra, University of Salerno, 2000-2003.
Full Professor of Algebra at the University of Salerno, 2003- .
Coordinator of the PhD program in Mathematics of the University of Salerno, 2006-2016.
Author of two Algebra books, written with M. Curzio and M. Maj, and a book on Discrete Mathematics, written with C. Deliza, M. Maj and C. Nicotera.
Author of more than 90 papers in group theory.
Referee for many international journals and for M.R.
Supervisor of many undergraduate students, several graduate students and 9 PhD students.
Organizer of eight International Conferences in Group Theory and editor of their Proceedings (AMS C.M., W.S.P., I.J.G.T.).
Member of U.M.I., A.M.S., E.M.S. and L.M.S.