Angelamaria CARDONE Curriculum

Angelamaria Cardone was born in Benevento (Italy) in 1978.

Current position

Associate Professor in Numerical Analysis, Department of Mathematics of University of Salerno, from June 1st, 2020.

Previous position

2008-2020: Researcher in Numerical Analysis, Department of Mathematics of University of Salerno.

National qualification to Associate Professor

In 2017 she obtained the qualification to Associate Professor in Numerical Analysis.


2000 Mathematics Degree, cum laude, at University of Naples “Federico II”.

2004 PhD in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, at University of Naples “Federico II”.

2007 Master of Education for secondary schools, at SICSI, University of Naples "Federico II", in Mathematics and Physics.


Research activity has been focused on the construction and analysis of efficient and accurate numerical methods for evolutionary problems modelled by differential and integral equations, and on the development of the required software. She is author of 29 papers on international journals; 5 proceedings; 48 communications in international and national conferences. International collaborations: M. Braś, P. Pierzchała (AGH Univ. Science and Technology, Poland); H. Brunner (Memorial Univ. Newfoundland, Canada); K. Burrage (Oxford Univ.); L.Gr. Ixaru (“Horia Hulubei” Nat. Inst. Physics and Nuclear Eng., Romania); Z. Jackiewicz, H.D. Mittelmann, B. Welfert (Arizona State Univ.); A. Sandu (Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ.); J.H. Verner (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada); H. Zhang (Argonne Nat. Lab.).

Mathematical societies membership

She is a member of UMI, SIMAI and GNCS.

Research projects - awards

Coordinator of two GNCS research projects (2014 and 2015). Coordinator of two GNCS project for young researchers (2008 and 2009). Participant to more than 30 research projects.

She got ‘the best poster presentation award’ at FFW 2020 conference.


From 2008, she teaches in Numerical Analysis courses for the undergraduate and master degree students of Mathematics and of Computer Science. She was supervisor or co-supervisor of more than 20 theses.