Chiara COSTABILE Curriculum

Chiara Costabile was born in Salerno in 1975. She received her master magna cum laudae from the University of Salerno in 1999. She kept studing chemistry at the same University, earning her Ph.D. in 2003, with Prof. Gaetano Guerra as supervisor. The title of her thesis was “Ziegler-Natta polymerization mechanisms of conjugated dienes”. During her Ph.D. she worked for six months, as a visiting student, at California Institute of Technology, in the group of Prof. John E.Bercaw. The project was focused on the NMR study of the behaviour of (eta3-C8H13)Co(C4H6) complex in solution.â¨

She did post-doctoral work (2003-2004) mainly on α-olefin-diene copolymerizations in the group directed by Prof. Pasquale Longo.â¨

She has been assistant professor at University of Salerno.⨠from 2005-2015.

In 2006 she worked with a post-doctoral fellowship for six months at the Organic Chemistry Department of the University of Zurich, in the group of Prof. Reto Dorta, focusing her research on the synthesis of new free N-heterocyclic carbenes as ligands for Grubbs II generation catalysts.â¨

She earned the National Scientific Qualification 2012 as Associate Professor in the field 03/B1 (Basics of Chemistry and Inorganic Systems) and in the field 03/B2 (Chemical Basics of Technology) and the National Scientific Qualification 2013 as Associate Professor in the field 03/C2(Industrial Chemistry).

Since 2015 she is associate professor at University of Salerno.â¨

Her scientific activity is testified by more then 35 papers published on international journals.