Mauro Cozzolino is a Researcher and a Professor of Psychology at the University of Salerno - Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences -, and a Family and Relational Psychotherapist.

He's been carrying out training activities within school context, as well as national and international research activities in education and training for many years with the role of member of the research unit or scientific project coordinator.

Whit regard to his international research activity, Prof. Cozzolino developed and took part in various EU-funded projects, gaining extensive experience in planning and managing European projects, and achieving international awards. From 2008 to 2010 he is Scientific Coordinator of the EU-funded project CHANGE - Care of health Advertising New Goals for Elderly people - (LLP - GRUNDTVIG), aimed at enhancing healthy lifestyles in elderly by developing a new model of healthcare professionals' training. CHANGE project has been recognized by the E.N.T.E.R. network- European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results - as one of the 30 best practice projects in the field of learning in later life. From 2009 to 2011 he is Scientific Coordinator of the EU-funded project MOST - Motivation to Study - (LLP - COMENIUS), aimed at improving teachers competencies and skills to strengthen pupils' motivation to study. As project coordinator of the University of Salerno team, he's currently involved in another EU-funded project called SimAULA (LLP- KA3 ICT), aimed at designing and developing an innovative ITC-based simulation environment for virtual practicum training of future teachers in their pedagogical skills.

Professor Cozzolino is also Scientific Director of the International Centre of Psychology and Strategic Psychotherapy (CIPPS) of Salerno, the first European centre dedicated to the integration of the strategic model developed by M.H. Erickson with the innovative studies on psychosocial genomics carried out by Professor E.L. Rossi. Furthermore, he is member and coordinator of the International Psychosocial Genomic Team and, in 2006, he established at University of Salerno an International Research Group on Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychosocial Genomic whose main objective is the multidisciplinary study of therapeutic hypnosis at a genetic level.

Currently Mauro Cozzolino is carrying out research, training and clinical activities in the field of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy with a neuroscientic and genomic approach, mind-bogy integration and psychosocial genomics at MHEICCC (Milton H. Erickson Institute of the California Central Coast), University of Salerno and CIPPS.