Annamaria Giulia PARISI Curriculum

Annamaria Giulia Parisi is a Professor of Comparative Law (University of Salerno, Italy). She teaches Family Law, Sport Law, Comparative Law of Sports Organizations, Comparative Law of Social and Community Relations (University of Salerno, Italy). She is a member of the teaching staff of the PhD “Sciences of language, society, politics and education”.

In 2017, she obtained the qualification as Full Professor - competition sector 12/E2 Comparative law.

She graduated in Law with honors and Academic Acclaim, in three Academic Years and one session. In AY 1998/99 she achieves, with honors, the Post-graduate Diploma in “Community and Transnational Comparative Law” at the Faculty of Law (University of Salerno, Italy); in 2000 she has a PhD in “Economics and Finance Comparative Law” at the Faculty of Law (Second University of Naples, Italy); from 2001 she is Assistant Professor of Comparative Private Law at the Faculty of Political Science (University of Salerno, Italy); in 2003 she has the requisite qualifications of Associate Professor of Comparative Law at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Milan, Italy (decr. rect. n. 1774/Valcomp 26.3.2003).
She taught Information and Communication Comparative Law at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, University of Salerno, Italy (AY 2002/2003). She taught Comparative Legal Systems at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Salerno, Italy (Academic Years 2002/2003 and 2003/2004). She taught in the Master’s Degree in Family Law, University “Suor Orsola Benincasa” of Salerno, Italy (AY 2003/2004).
She is a Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal “Comparison and Civil Law” (ISSN 2037 – 5662). She is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Series “Comparison and Civil Law”, published by Giappichelli.
She is the author of nine books (monographs), numerous articles in books and journals, case notes, comments to laws, concerning Comparative Law, Private Law, Information and Communication Comparative Law, Civil Law, European Private Law, Family Law, Economic Analysis of Law, Tort Law, Non Profit Law.
She is project leader in many “Farb ex 60%” research projects.