Federica RIBERA Curriculum

She took a degree in Architecture at Naples University in March 1991, "summa cum laude" worthy to be published. Qualified as an architect in July 1991, from March 1991 to April 2000 she carried out research work and scientific cooperation at Building Engineering Department of "Federico II" Naples University, uninterruptedly cooperating to didactic activities and research activities.
In 1995 she won the competition for the Research Doctorate course in Engineering for building restoration and technological innovation, XI Cycle, and in April 1999 she got the title of doctor in research at "Federico II" Naples University. From April 2000 she got an annual scholarship, given by the "Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico di Salerno e delle Aree Interne della Campania", with the agreement of her scientific partner Salerno University Civil Engineering Department. In July 2001 she won an annual and renewable post-doctorate scholarship, at Engineering Department, for which she started on September 3rd, 2001. The scholarship was renewed for another year.
On August 1st, 2003 she obtained a University researcher position for disciplinary-scientific sector ICAR/10 Technical Architecture, at Salerno University Engineering Department and, starting from January 1st, she regularly took her position at Salerno University Engineering Department, appointed as a university researcher in the discipline sector ICAR/10 Technical Architecture. From January 2006 she was confirmed as a regular university researcher. On October 23rd, 2003 she resulted qualified for a position as a partner professor for the disciplinary sector ICAR/10 Technical Architecture at Pisa University Engineering Department and, from October 1st, 2007 she took service at Salerno University Engineering Department, ad a partner professor for the disciplinary sector ICAR/10. On the 5th of February 2014 she obtained the National Scientific Qualification to function as a full professor for the sector 08/C1 - Design and Technological Architecture Design.
At present she is a regular professor of the annual course of Technical Architecture 1st  and of the course of Recovery and Conservation of buildings inside the Building Engineering - Architecture degree.
Research has dealt mainly with the history of the buildings, with particular reference to the period of the early twentieth century, and the recovery of the traditional buildings and modern.
In particular she has dealt with the study of the city of Salerno, its old town, and its extensions made between the two World Wars. She is also conducting studies concerning the works of Pier Luigi Nervi in Campania.
She is the author of numerous publications including: articles in books, papers in professional journals, contributions in either conference proceedings or national and international seminars. She also edited international conference proceedings and published several monographs.