Laura PAOLINO Curriculum

After graduating in 1990 at University of Pisa, she devoted herself to the study of Petrarchan poems and textual philology's problems. In 1996 she wrote a commentary on Petrarch's Rime estravaganti (in Francesco Petrarca, Opere italiane. Edizione diretta da Marco Santagata, Milano, Mondadori, 1996) and in 2000 she edited the drafts of Petrarch's Codice degli abbozzi (Milano-Napoli, Ricciardi).
In 1995 she got a Ph.D. in Studi italianistici and from 1995 to 1996 she worked as Research Fellow at University of Paris III, France (Cèntre de Bèvre, U.E.R. d'Italien et de Roumain), where she studied manuscript tradition of a commentary on Petrarch's Canzoniere by the humanist Francesco Patrizi from Siena.
From 2000 to 2002 she taught Italian Literature and Didactics of Italian Literature at University of Molise. Since 2005 she is teaching Italian Literature at University of Salerno and is member of ADI (Associazione degli Italianisti italiani). She is part of the teaching staff of the Doctorate Italianistica at University of Salerno. She has also taken part in various National Research Programms about Dante's works (PRIN 2006, 2008, 2010-2011).
She has attended several national and international congresses and seminars dealing with textual philology and exegesis. Recently she has studied the XVIth century's Italian poetry, some XVIth century's commentaires on Petrarch's Rime estravaganti and also the XVIIIth century's Italian literature, Lorenzo Da Ponte's Memorie, in particular.
She has contributed to many literary reviews as "Shifanoia", "Rivista di Letteratura italiana", "Nuova Rivista di Letteratura italiana", "Italianistica", "Studi Petrarcheschi", "Studi e problemi di critica testuale", "Studi Piemontesi", "Medioevo e Rinascimento", "Arzanà", "Forum italicum", "Giornale storico della letteratura italiana".
In 1997 she took part in Italica on the Web, a project of RAI-Radiotelevisione italiana. During 2000 she worked at a prototype of Petrarchan on line encyclopedia for Biblioteca italiana telematica.