Emiliana MANGONE Curriculum

Emiliana Mangone is Full Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication at University of Salerno (Italy) at the Department of Political and Communication Sciences (DiSPC) – Law 240/2010, art. 18, c. 1. Personal page [].

She graduated at the age of 22 in three years and a session in Sociology in 1993 (University of Salerno) with Maria Luisa Maniscalco, discussing a dissertation in General Sociology, and in 1997 she got a second degree in Education Science (University of Salerno), Expert of Educational Processes. In 1995, she g anadvanced course in Applied Criminology for Security and Investigation (University of Bologna) and in Health Sociology (University of Salerno) in 1998. She continues her training course and got the Diploma of the School of Specialization in “Health Sociology” in 2002 (University of Bologna), with the II level Master in “Public Management” (Commercial University “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan) in 2004, and, finally, PhD in Ciencias Sociales y de la Educación [Social Sciences and Education] at Escuola de Doctorado [Doctorate School] of Universidad de Huelva [University of Huelva, Huelva - Spain].

In 2018, She obtains the Italian Academic Qualification as Full Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication (pursuant to art. 16 Law 30 December 2010, n. 240 - 30/03/2018-30/03/2029).

In 2022 She obtains the Italian Academic Qualification as Full Professor in General Sociology (pursuant to art. 16 Law 30 December 2010, n. 240 - 01/06/2022-01/06/2033).

Before starting university career, she practices the profession of Sociologist at Italian public institutions (1997-2006), acquiring a decade of experience in the field of social policies and communication from which the interest in scientific activity for these fields of research.

Became a researcher in Sociology of Culture and Communication at the Faculty of Education at the University of Salerno (2006-2015) after several years of activity at the same institution as an adjunct professor of different sociological disciplines (2002-2005).

In March 2015, she became Associate Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication at the Department of Human, Philosophic and Education Sciences (DISUFF) of University of Salerno, and since October 2019 she belongs to the Department of Political and Communication Sciences (DiSPC) of the same university.

In October 2023, She become Full Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication at the Department of Political and Communication Sciences of the University of Salerno, law 240/2010, art. 18, c.1.

From June 2015 to October 2020, she was Director of Mediterranean Knowledge International Centre for Studies and Research (ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge) which includes 14 research units: Algeria (Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement-CREAD), France (Institut Catholique de Toulouse-ICT), Italy (Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, Higher Institute of Artistic Industries-ISIA of Rome, LUMSA of Rome, University of Palermo, Universy of Salerno, University of Molise, and University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri”-UNISTRADA of Reggio Calabria), Malta (University of Malta), Portugal (University of Algarve and University of Porto), and Spain (University of Huelva and University of Sevilla). The Centre aims at integrating research groups and other international and national stakeholders engaged in the analysis and research of different forms of knowledge (tangible and intangible) and, especially, in their dissemination within the Mediterranean basin, in order to create tools for the planning, management and evaluation of local actions that may positively impact on the Europeanization and on the perception of Europe by the citizens. [].

Since May 2020 is Scientific Coordinator of the Cultural and Scientific International Framework Agreement between the University of Salerno (Italy) and the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University (Russian Federation) - period 12/05/2020-12/05/2025.

Since September 2020 he has been Scientific Director of the Narratives and Social Changes-International Research Group (NaSC-IRG) composed of researchers from universities and / or research centers in Europe (EU and non-EU) and from Latin America which has the objective of integrating other international, national and regional research groups and actors engaged in analysis and research relating to narratives and the role they play in social changes [].

Since May 2021 is Scientific Coordinator of the Cultural and Scientific International Framework Agreement between the University of Salerno (Italy) and the Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement-CREAD (Algeria) - period12/05/2021-12/05/2026.

For the year 2022, she is a member of the research group Barómetro ESEIS Sur de Europa, 2022 (España, Italia y Portugal) which is implemented by the Grupo Estudios Sociales e Intervención Social (SEJ-216) of the Universidad de Huelva (Spain), in collaboration with researchers from the University of Salerno (Italy) and the Universidad de Évora (Portugal). The interdisciplinary team is composed of researchers from sociology, social work and social pedagogy.

For the period 2022-2026, he is a foreign member for the research group of the Universidad de Huelva (Spain) for the project entitled “Teorías de la cospircióy discursos de odio en lìnea : comparciónde pautas en las narrativas y en las redes sobre covid-19, immigrates, refugiados y perosnas LGTBI” [Cospiracy theores and hate speech online: comparisons of patterns in narratives and social networks about covid-19, immigrants, refugees and LGBTI people], funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spagna) – Proyectos de generatión de conocimiento 2021, PID2021-123983OB-100.

Since June 2023 she has been Research Associate at CNR-IRPPS in Rome (Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies) to collaborate on the research activities "POGES - Population, Gender and Society" (14 June-31 December).

Since June 2023 he has been Scientific Co-Director, member of the Board of Directors and of the Scientific Committee of the “Osservatorio per la Cooperazione Internazionale allo sviluppo Sostenibile” [Observatory for International Cooperation for Sustainable Development-OCISS], which was born from the Framework Agreement for Scientific and Cultural Collaboration between the Department of Political Science and Communication (DISPC) of the University of Salerno and the Centro Studi Internazionali (CSI) [Centre for International Studies], with the aim of creating a permanent observatory capable of taking into account both the planning dimension of this subject, closely related to academic research and the identification of the main areas of functioning and criticality of the system, and the implementation perspective, through the involvement of the actors that materially operate in the field of international cooperation for development (Department Council Resolution rep. 108/2023, Prot. no. 0188227 of 20/06/2023).

Since 2020 she has been a member of the following Research and Study Centres:

- Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Sociológicos (CIES) which is a space that aims to share, dialogue and investigate society - beyond sociological approaches - through interdisciplinary paths that revolve around social theory and concrete investigation practices, Director Adrián Scribano (CONICET, Gino Germani Institute, FACSO, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina). [].

- Estudios Sociales e Intervención Social (ESEIS) which is a research group of the University of Huelva (Spain) composed of Spanish and foreign researchers of Social and Human Sciences which aims to deepen social dynamics through studies and research, scientific director Estrella Gualda (Universidad de Huelva, Spain ).

- Centro Studi Internazionali-CSI (member of the Scientific Committee) which is an independent "Think Tank" that deals with international relations, geopolitics and economics, tending to provide insights and strategic analyzes to help decision makers of public interest. [].

- International Lab for Innovative Social Research (Lab ILIS) which aims to stimulate theoretical and methodological reflection as well as empirical study on new scenarios in social research: from theoretical challenges in the face of new problems and dilemmas to new methodological horizons for understanding them. [].

In the period May 2019-April 2020 she is a member of the Research Unit for the project "Protagonismo e coscienza del femminile nel nuovo Millennio. La narrazione della violenza di genere in un tempo senza utopie” [Protagonism and awareness of women in the new Millennium. The narration of gender-based violence in a time without utopias], Department of Human Sciences-Communication, Education and Psychology, LUMSA University of Rome, scientific director prof. Consuelo Corradi, which was created with the aim of clarifying - on some levels of inquiry - the strength and limitations of the international community of women as a global subject and its narrative.

Since 2018 she has been a member of the following Research and Study Centres:

- Research Centre “Cultures, Religions and International Affairs” Department of Social Political and Social Sciences (University of Bologna, Italy), that was born with aim to coordinate studies in sociological, historical and political fields, focusing on the role of cultural and religious dynamics in international affairs and promoting collaboration with other national and international research institutes.

- Study Center for Relational Sociology “PROS-TI”, within the IPSSER Foundation (Istituto Petroniano di Studi Sociali Emilia Romagna) of Bologna, that was born with aim to further develop what has been elaborated so far by the Italian relational sociology as a cultural vision and perspective that intends to give an original contribution to scientific studies and practical applications in all aspects of social life.

- Interdepartmental Centre “Research on Conflicts” (CIRC) constituted between Department of Humanistic Studies (DIPSUM), Political, Social, and Communication Sciences (DISPSC),Cultural heritage Sciences (DISPAC), and HUman, Philosophical and Education Sciences (DISUFF) - University of Salerno (Italy), that was born with aim to aggregate scholars of different disciplines around the theme of the conflicts of contemporary society.

Since 2017 She is a member of the International Network-Cultural Changes, Inequalities and Sustainable Development (CcISuD) established at the Department of Human, Philosophic and Education Sciences (DISUFF) of the University of Salerno (Scientific Coordiantor, prof. Giovanna Truda). The International Network was founded with the aim of integrating research groups and international and national actors (European and other continents) engaged in analysis and research related to territorial intelligence understood as an innovative organization and network of information and useful knowledge for the development and competitiveness of a territory [].

Since 2016 she has been an affiliated member of the:

- “CIM-Centro de Investigación en Migraciones”, University of Huelva (Spain), a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary center, whose main objective is the study of all types of population movements (migrations and diaspora) both over time (past / present) and in space (national / international, internal / external) which since May 2018 is part of the Centro de Investigación en Pensamiento Contemporáneo e Innovación para el Desarrollo Social (COIDESO).;

- “The Mediterranean Seminar. An Interdiciplinary Forum for Collaboration in Research and Teaching in Mediterranean Studies” that provides a forum for scholarly exchange and dialogue across the Humanities and Social Sciences, and for collaboration among research projects across the world. These exchanges are designed to facilitate investigation into the character of the Mediterranean as a region and its role in history and to promote the incorporation of Mediterranean Studies into university curricula [];

- International Network “Relational Studies in Sociology” that has the aim of creating a network of all the scholars of relational sociology, identifying the specific characteristics of the different approaches, and comparing their respective capacity to analyze and understand emergent social phenomena [].

From 2010 to 2018 she is associated to CNR-IRPPS of Rome (Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies), acquiring a research experience in the field of social policies and welfare transformations. In the period 2010-2011 she has been associated to “Welfare systems and social policies” project, for the period 2012-2014 to the “Welfare practices” project, in 2015 to the “Innovation and change in social policies” project, and from 2017 to the “Innovations and Social Policies” project.

Since 2015 she holds roles of organizational responsibility (Member of the Faculty, the Department Board, the Research Support Commission and the Internationalization Commission) at Univerity of Salerno.

She was an adjunct professor at the LUMSA of Rome (2006-2013).

She has been carrying out both teaching and research activities abroad from the beginning of the university career and precisely:

In 2022 (28 June-10 July) she was Visiting Scholar at the Universidad de Huelva (Spain) to conduct seminar and research activities, as well as participate in the XIV Congreso Español de Sociología;

In 2019 (07 marzo-17 marzo) she was at Universidad de Huelva (Spagna) with a Grant Programme Erasmus+ (Teaching Mobility Programme), 12 hours of teaching (Contents: Introduction to Gender Studies in Italy; Socioeconomic condition of women in Italy; Methodology research; Qualitative research and Case studies.);

In 2018 (07 May-17 May) she was at the Department of Arts, Open Communities & Adult Education, Faculty of Education-University of Malta (Malta) with a Grant Programme Erasmus+ (Teaching Mobility Programme), 12 hours of teaching (Contents: Introduction to Italian Educational System; Adult Education in Italy; Qualitative research in Education).

In 2017 she was Visiting Professor at Centre of Cultural Psychology, Department of Communication & Psychology-Aalborg University (Denmark) to carry out seminars and research activities on the socio-cultural phenomena of contemporary society (08 Febraury-22 March).

In 2016 she was Visiting Professor at Centro de Investigación en Migraciones (CIM)-Univerdad de Huelva (Spain) to carry out a research program entitled “Educational and Cultural Inclusive Policies in the Region of Andalusia” (02 May-06 June).

And in 2013 (22-28 September), with Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility (STA) Programme at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Departementa de Psicologia Basica, Madrid (Spain), 5 hours of teaching (Contenuti: Disasters and collettive memory; Memory as a development strategy).

She is a member of the GDRI-INTI (Groupe De Recherche International-International Network of Territorial Intelligence) supervised by the French CNRS (January 2011-December 2014) which has the following purpose: a) consolidation of the network of European researchers dealing with territorial intelligence in order to have a visibility; b) promotion of local interdisciplinary research-action groups that collaborate on development projects. GDRI-INTI is an international scientific network that includes 36 research groups and 13 local initiatives associated with GDRI-INTI in 14 countries in Europe and 5 worldwide.

She is a member of the research group of the University of Salerno in the framework of the community program FP6-2004-CITIZENS-5, project CAENTI-Cooperation Action of the European Network of Territorial Intelligence (March 2006-Febraury 2009, financing euro 899,390). The CAENTI project was a consortium of 8 universities (Universite de Franche-Comté-France, University of Pécs-Hungary, Universidad de Huelva-Spain, Universiy of Salerno-Italy, Universitatea 1 dicembre 1918-Romania, Universite de Liège-Belgium, University of Thungai-Taiwan, and Znanstvenoraziskovalni Center Slovenske Akademije Znanosti in Umetnosti-Slovenia), and 7 territorial actors (Asociacion Comision Catolica Espanola de Migracion e Fundacion Valdocco-Spain, Association des amis et parents de personnes handicapees mentales de Besancon and Reseau des Jardins de Cocagne-France, Baranya Megyei Önkormanyzat-Hungary, and Integra Plus and Optima Asbl-Belgium) with the general objective of integrating research projects into “territorial intelligence” tools, giving it a European dimension.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of “The American Sociologist” (ISSN: 0003-1232; ISSNe: 1936-4784), “Human Arenas-An Interdisciplinary Journal of Psychology, Culture, and Meaning” (ISSN: 2522-5790; ISSNe: 2522-5804) and “SN Social Sciences” (ISSN: 2662-9283) all published by Springer, “Cultura Latinoamericana. Revista de Estudios Interculturales” published by Universidad Católica de Bogotà and Editorial Planeta - Colombia (ISSN: 2346-0326), “Nasledie” [Наследие] published by Center “Nasledie Pitirim Sorokin” (Komi Republic, Russian Federation) [ГБУ РК “Центр ‘Наследие’ имени Питирима Сорокина”] (ISSN 2312-0517), and also for the journal “Human. Culture. Education” [Человек. Культура. Образование] published by “Pitirim Sorokin” Syktyvkar State University (Russian Federation) (ISSN 2223-1277), as well as she is Editor of the Book Series “Narratives and Social Changes” published by editorial brand NaSC Free Press (University of Salerno). Furthermore, in the period 2016-2020, she was Co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK (ISSN: 2499-930X), of the Book Series “Mediterranean, Knowledge, Culture and Heritage”, and of the scientific series ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge-Working Papers Series (ISSN: 2464-9538) – all of them published by ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge.

She is also Scientific Director of "Culture e Studi del Sociale-CuSSoc" (ISSN: 2531-3975) published by University of Salerno and she is a member of Scientific Board of journal “Esperienze Sociali” (ISSN: 0423-4014), as well as a member of the Scientific Board of following book series: “Laboratorio Sociologico” and both “Scienze Umane e Società ” published by FrancoAngeli of Milan, “IRPPS Monografie” published by CNR-IRPPS of Rome, “Comunicazione Relazione Cura” published by Edisud of Salerno, “Social Systems, Cultures and Development” edited by Gutenberg Edizioni of Salerno, and “Studi e Ricerche Sociali” published by Pubblicazioni Italiane of Treviso, “Scienze Sociali” published byPaolo Loffredo Editore of Naples, and “L’Albero delle idee” published by Paguro Edizioni of Salerno.

Over the years She has carried out reviewing activities for the following scientific series: ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge-Working Papers Series (ISSN: 2464-9538) in the three-year period 2016-2018, Salute e Società (2013) e Teorie Sociologiche e trasformazioni sociali (2016) published both by FrancoAngeli (Milan, Italy), as well as the following scientific journals: Salute & Società (ISSN: 1723-9427) in the 2014 and 2016, Cultura Latinoamericana (ISSN: 2539-0791) in the 2016, Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge (ISSN: 2499-930X ) in the two-year period 2016-2017, Revue Criminologie (ISSN: 1492-1367) in the 2017, REGION (ISSN: 2409-5370) in the 2017 and 2019, Culture & Psychology (ISSN: 1354-067X) in the three-year period 2017-2019 and in 2022, Sociologia e Politiche Sociali (ISSN: 1591-2027) in the two-year period 2017-2018, International Communication Gazette (ISSN: 1748-0493) in the 2018, Revista Mexicana de Sociología (ISSN: 0188-2503), Human Arenas (ISSN: 2522-5790) and Comunicazioni Sociali (ISSN: 0392-8667) in the 2019, Italian Sociological Review (ISSN: 2239-8589), Journal of International Migration and Integration (ISSN: 1488-3473), Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (ISSN: 1932-4502), Trípodos (ISSN: 1138-3305), Problemi dell’Informazione (ISSN: 0390-5195), and The American Sociologist (ISSN: 0003-1232) in the 2020, Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (ISSN: 1932-4502), SN Social Sciences (ISSN: 2662-9283), Journal of International Migration and Integration (ISSN: 1488-3473) and Comunicar (ISSN: 1988-3293) in the 2021, Journal of Migration and Health (ISSN: 2666-6235), Comunicar (ISSN: 1988-3293), SN Social Sciences (ISSN: 2662-9283), and Culture & Psychology (ISSN: 1354-067X) in the 2022, Comunicar (ISSN: 1988-3293), SN Social Sciences (ISSN: 2662-9283), Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (ISSN: 1932-4502), and Sicurezza e Scienze Sociali (ISSN: 2283-8740) in the 2023, as well as book proposal evaluation for the international publisher Routledge in the 2020, and chapter proposal for international publisher Palgrave Macmillan (Springer Nature) in the 2023.

Currently she conducts research (both as scientific director and as a component of national and international groups) in the field of cultural and institutional systems, with particular attention to developments in the dynamics of social representations of relationships and knowledge as key elements for human action, and in migration studies. Over the years, she has presented many relations (by invitation and proposal accepted) in national and international conferences. Among them (last five years):

  • International seminar “Políticas Sociais na Itália”, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo-UFES (Brazil), 2023.
  • II International Congress for Transatlantic Dialogue (Tempus 2022), “Politics, Law and Social Sciences” Guardalavaca Beach, Universidad de Holguín (Cuba), 2022.
  • XIV Congreso Español de Sociología “Desigualdades, fronteras y resiliencia. Sociología para crisis globales”, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spagna, 2022.
  • International Workshop “Between Past and Future: Narratives of Memory. Places, Objects and Cultures of Contemporary Society”, with a paper in the Session-Introduction Remarks entitled, “The Reasons Why the Narrative of Memory and not Storytelling. Reconstructing Past, Present and Future”, University of Udine-Polifunctional Centre of Gorizia, Italy, May 2022.
  • (online presentation), 15th ESA Conference “Sociological Knowledge for Alternative Futures”, session “RN29_T09 - Classical Theories and their Future II”, with a speech titled “Risk between action and anticipation: An application of Merton’s adaptation typess”, Barcelona, Spain, 2021.
  • (online presentation), 1st Midterm Conference of ISA`s WG08-Society and Emotions “Intersectionality, Emotion and Politics” con una relazione dal titolo, “An Interpretative Model Based on Socio-relational Reflexivity. Beyond the Dichotomy between Altruism and Egoism” - Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2021.
  • ESA 2019 - 14th Conference of the European Sociological Association “Europe and Beyond: Boundaries, Barriers and Belonging” - Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • (keynote speech invited) International Conference “Pitirim Sorokin and global development paradigms of the XXI century” (to the 130th birthday) [МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ НАУЧНОЙ КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ «ПИТИРИМ СОРОКИН И ПАРАДИГМЫ ГЛОБАЛЬНОГО РАЗВИТИЯ XXI ВЕКА» (130-летию со дня рождения)] con una relazione dal titolo, “The Actuality of Pitirim A. Sorokin as a Theorist of Integral Sociology in the XXI Century” [Актуальность Питирима А. Сорокина как теоретик интегральной социологии в XXI веке] - Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russian Federation, 2019(virtual presentation in English) alla XIV International Conference “Semiosis and Culture. Man, Society, Culture, and Social Transformation Processes” [XIV Международной научной конференции «Семиозис и культура: человек, общество, культура и процессы социальной трансформации»] - Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russian Federation, 2019.